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Technology august 22, 2016

Singapore ATM Lets You Video Chat Live With Tellers

The new service will dispense lost cards, provide internet banking tokens and provide better customer service

Innovation may 12, 2014

Video Chats Connect American Seniors With Brazilian English Learners [Video]

Ad agency creates touching exchanges between English learners and lonely US seniors.

Design & Architecture february 28, 2013

Google & BERG Create Stand-Alone Video Chat Box [Video]

The 'Connbox' is a prototype device that connects live chat in a more physical way.

Technology february 20, 2013

Starbucks Trials Video Drive-Thrus

The system, currently being tested in Washington State, allows drivers to see the employee taking their order.

Design & Architecture february 13, 2013

Video Chat Lets Users Simulcast Content [Video]

Rabbit, a native Mac app, allows users to watch movies, share screens all while simultaneously chatting.

Home december 19, 2012

Google Promotes Holiday Hangouts With Wallace And Gromit

For the festive family season, the company released an ad that features Aardman characters having a video chat.

IoT december 6, 2012

Munich Airport Offers FaceTime Help

Booths offer video chat assistance to travelers - and can even point the way.

Technology october 29, 2012

App Turns Smartphone Into Long Distance Remote-Control For Sex Toys

To help long distance lovers stay in sync, Vibease lets partners control vibrators from afar.

Technology october 9, 2012

Voice Search While You Video Chat With Multimedia Conferencing App

MindMeld is an intelligent application which uses voice recognition to listen to a conversation and offer relevant visual content based on what is said.

Sustainability december 13, 2011

Trends For 2012: Media Pioneer On Making It Short & Sexy

Graham Hill, the Founder of, LifeEdited and We Are Happy To Serve You, lists three trends that entrepreneurs can leverage to become hyper-efficient in their business.

Advertising april 8, 2011

Three Liveshop Adds A New Dimension To Online Customer Service [Video]

Touchscreens and video chat augment the online shopping experience.

Arts & Culture january 11, 2011

The Next Step In Social Media: Asynchronous Video Conversations

At last night's NYC Tech Meetup, we were introduced to a new social media site called VYou that allows people to have asynchronous video conversations online, asking questions and recording directed responses which can be shared publicly or among a select group of friends.

Innovation january 9, 2011

Trends For 2012: Ten Innovators Share Their Thoughts

PSFK taps the top entrepreneurs of 2011 for their insights into what trends we should look out for in 2012.

Cities december 17, 2010

Citibank's Bank Of The Future

The company has opened a new branch in New York, equipped with interactive technologies and web-enabled facilities for customers.


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