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Cities april 15, 2013

Activists Unmask Tax Evaders With Giant Interactive Video Game Projections

The Space Invaders-inspired video game has been projected onto the sides of buildings in ten cities across the U.S.

Culture december 3, 2012

Video Game Maps Players’ Moves On A Real-Time, Interactive Wall

Lunar Trails is an installation that lets you play the 1979 game Lunar Lander and sketches the path you take.

Advertising november 16, 2012

Google’s Mystery Video Game Takes Place In Real-World Locations

Ingress is a new augmented reality mapping game where the final objective will be revealed gradually as more players join.

Design november 1, 2012

Designer Creates Real Life ‘Myst’ Book With A Full PC Inside

Mike Ando has created a replica of a linking book from the video games with a self-contained full desktop computer.

Technology october 29, 2012

Biometric Video Game Helps Kids Control Their Anger

Children can manage their temper better by playing RAGE Control.

Cities september 21, 2012

Developer Creates A Video Game That Lets Players Explore His Memories [Video]

A new gaming experience is filled with personal data and images.

Gaming august 13, 2012

Ouya Ends Fundraising On Kickstarter With Over $8.5M [Headlines]

In just 30 days, 63,416 backers donated to the $99 Android-based gaming console.

Advertising july 28, 2012

Game Lets Users Sell Products Through Virtual Boutique [Future Of Retail]

Stylmee lets anyone open their own fashion store online where the more people who love their products, the more rewards they earn in the game.

Advertising july 20, 2012

Puma Turns Its Site Into An Interactive Nintendo Game

The running-obstacle game lets players collect medals; but is the fun game a guise for an Olympic marketing push?

Culture july 19, 2012

Office Supplies Created From Old Video Game Controllers [Pics]

Desk organizers created from unused gaming parts.

Cities june 23, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

We bring you the most stimulating and exciting stories from the world of wellness research.

Culture june 7, 2012

Improve Those Dribbling Skills In The Living Room With Kinect

NBA Baller Beats lets players show off their ball handling technique using a real basketball, to the beat of an eclectic soundtrack.

Innovation june 2, 2012

Video Game Helps Stroke Patients Regain Motor Skills

Scientists at Newcastle University create a Wii-Style game that makes therapy fun and challenging with circus themed play.

Culture november 29, 2011

Japan Pulse: Tokyo Sports Club Features Video Game Exercise

Players can run around a Japanese gym kicking balls and breaking blocks made of light projections with sensors that react to individual motion.


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