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Syndicated july 7, 2014
Editors Pick may 26, 2014

Gamer Philosopher: Why Play Is The New R&D For Brands [PSFK 2014]

In this video, the founder of Kill Screen explains why games are an important part of culture all their own.

Work may 8, 2014

Pixelated Watercolors Add An 8-Bit Spin To Pop Art

Fine art and video games combine to create a stunning collection of paintings.

Gaming & Play april 2, 2014

Make 8-Bit Games On The Fly With This Arduino Controller [Video]

The Gamebuino brings creative programming to the palm of your hand.

Arts & Culture march 6, 2014

Synthesizer Lets Computer Programs Control One Another [Video]

Artist makes network box that lets videos games command new functions.

Work march 3, 2014

Kill Screen: A New Breed Of Music Game Is About Creating, Not Performing

Music games have primarily focuses their gameplay mechanics on performing set songs, but now games let players make their own sweet music.

IoT february 27, 2014

Oculus Rift Zelda Game Lets Players Take A First-Person Perspective

Instead of playing from an aerial perspective, ZeldaVR enables people to play the classic game from the perspective of one of the characters

Technology february 4, 2014

Hacked Piano Acts As Video Game Controller [Video]

Student Geoffrey Guterl has made an electric keyboard that moves players onscreen.

Design & Architecture january 7, 2014

Eye-Tracking Controller Offers Players Intensely Immersive Play

The technology could change the way we think about a fine-grained user interface.

Innovation december 10, 2013

Heart-Monitoring Video Game Rewards Players For Managing Stress

Control your fears in the game, and you can control them in real life as well

Work december 6, 2013

Minecraft Opera Engages Students In The Art Of Video Games [Video]

Eight high schoolers help to create a fully formed virtual performance.

Gaming & Play november 12, 2013

Video Game Meals Recreated As Real-Life Dishes [Pics]

Daniella Zelli runs the site Gourmet Gaming, where she creates physical versions of the foods found in popular virtual worlds.

Arts & Culture october 24, 2013

DIY Kit Lets Anyone Play Video Game Designer

Technology Will Save Us aims to teach video game programming to the masses.

Advertising october 16, 2013

Virtual Sports May One Day Take Over National Leagues [Video]

Researchers have discovered a way to merge the athletics and gaming industries with an exciting new concept.


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