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Gaming & Play september 12, 2016

Pokémon Go Wearable Will Let You Play Without A Screen

A new gaming device will light up and vibrate when its owner is near a Pokéstop

Technology may 25, 2016

A Sustainability Video Game That Secretly Teaches Players About Resources

This game hopes to inspire a generation of eco-aware urban designers

[Insight] How eSport training and viewing are growing closer to traditional sport models
Arts & Culture april 15, 2016

Even the Olympics May Soon Be A Stage For Keyboards And Displays

The UK Government has officially welcomed a gaming "Olympics For eSports"

Arts & Culture april 12, 2016

Control Time In This Multichannel Video Game And Movie

This game is looking to integrate real-life content into its narrative arch

Gaming & Play february 29, 2016

Gotta 3D-Print All of These Mini Pokémon Models

For their 20th anniversary, Pikachu and the gang get a low-poly look

Work january 12, 2016

2016 Detroit Auto Show Opens With Hydrogen Power and Pre-Loaded Entertainment

From minivans to sleek coupes to full-blown performance cars, no vehicle category was left untouched or unchanged

Mobile january 8, 2016

The Next Nintendo Controller Might Ditch Buttons for Front-Facing Touchscreen

A recently released patent filing describes a smartphone-like design for new controllers

Technology january 16, 2015

The Simpsons Head To Minecraft

Cartoon content pack will be released for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of the hugely popular video game

Advertising january 13, 2015

Bud Light Challenges Lucky Gamer to Life-Size Pac-Man Game

Life-sized version of the blue and black labyrinth, replete with edible white dots and iconic neon ghosts

Arts & Culture december 18, 2014

How UNICEF used a Fake Video Game to Highlight the South Sudan Crisis

To promote awareness, UNICEF presents a violent RPG starring a displaced girl in a war-torn region

Innovation december 10, 2014

F.R.H.A.N.K. Gamer Robot Pushes Borders of A.I. and Crowdsourcing

F.R.H.A.N.K., the robotic "gaming and snacking buddy" that learns from its environment

Technology december 9, 2014

Avoid 'Gamer Rage' as Mouse Tracks Player Activity

Device alerts user to avoiding stress during play

Syndicated july 8, 2014

Kill Screen: Now You Can Play Reality In Third-Person Perspective

Oculus Rift hack brings your perspective up and behind your head, like in a video game.


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