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Mobile gaming revenue will surpass that of PC and console games in 2016 (WSJ)
Technology august 29, 2013

How Video Gaming May Lead To Audience-Controlled TV Shows

Developer Ubisoft’s CEO wants to let viewers control TV show plots, like players do in a game.

Technology june 25, 2013

Multisensory Bodysuit Brings Video Game Action To Life [Video]

ARAIG lets gamers hear and feel what's happening during play.

Innovation june 12, 2012

Learn How To Cast Spells Like Harry Potter With PlayStation's Wonderbook

The interactive book uses augmented reality and the brand's Move technology to bring stories to life before your eyes.

Work april 17, 2012

Disney 3D Chalk Art Animates The Streets Of Covent Garden With Kinect

Disney Pixar launches an interactive installation for kids in London to give a sneak peak into their latest game.

Cities march 30, 2012

Mexico Gamifys Physics By Sending Kids To Find The 4th Dimension

A new game concept for XBox and PSP 3 attempt to engage kids in the world of physics to make it more palatable for young audiences.

Advertising january 30, 2012

Control Your Kinect Lightsaber With The Wave Of Your Hand [Video]

The gesture based technology finds the perfect use in the new XBox 360 Star Wars game launching soon.

Advertising june 14, 2011

Video Game Product Placement: The Next Big Step In Advertising

Modern technology is being utilized to ensure the target market is surrounded by in-game advertisements.

Innovation june 3, 2011

'Call of Duty' Social Network Creates The Ultimate Multiplayer

The latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, 'Call of Duty: Elite,' combines the connective logic that powers Facebook with its popular game.

Innovation may 25, 2011

Nintendo Game Boy Music: Dance Tunes Mixed From Handheld Consoles

DJ Starpause uses handheld gaming gear to make chiptune music.

Design & Architecture april 8, 2009

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