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Mobile august 16, 2013

YouTube-Inspired Concept Car Is A Giant Video Player [Video]

Use the accelerator to fast forward and a host of other built-in controls to manipulate online videos

Cities july 22, 2013

Game Of Thrones’ Dragon Skull Washes Up On British Beach [Video]

The 40-foot sculpture was placed on Charmouth beach in the UK to promote the third season of HBO's epic fantasy arriving on blinkbox.

Technology july 11, 2013

An Easier Way To Make Online Video Shareable

TouchCast is a new app that will make online video "look like TV but feel like the web."

Technology july 1, 2013

Convert Outdated Smartphones Into Door Peepholes [Video]

Xentry combines a container for the phone and software that streams live audio/video.

Innovation december 8, 2011

Netflix’s CEO Sees ‘Arms Race’ To Dominate Video Streaming [Headlines]

The web TV streaming giant dukes it out with its main competitor HBO Go.

Arts & Culture july 21, 2011

Netflix Says Price Hike Will Cover The Cost Of Offering Better Services

The online rental service says delivery charges and increasing expenses to acquire movie-streaming licenses are the reasons for its price hike.


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