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Gaming & Play october 21, 2016

Nintendo’s New Console Pushes For Portable Gaming

The Switch allows gamers to seamlessly play on the go by themselves or with friends

Entertainment august 17, 2016

Spotify’s New Portal Is Dedicated To Videogame Music

The streaming service is engaging gamers by creating curated playlists and gathering original soundtracks in one easy-to-access location

Fitness & Sport july 18, 2016

Health Club Makes A Pokémon GO-Inspired 5K Run

Seizing upon the AR game's marketing pull, Virgin Active has made an interactive workout featuring Pokéstops and Pokémon gyms

Technology june 24, 2016

How A Videogame Can Be A Source For Innovation

The Games For Change festival focuses on awarding the most impactful games out there

Technology may 20, 2016

This Portable Console Lets You Make Your Own Games

Thousands of free games with built-in game making tools, and it all fits in your pocket

Work may 16, 2016

How Playing Videogames Could Help You Find Your Perfect Job

A new company aims to discover talent by examining players' in-game actions

IoT march 7, 2016

IBM Watson Imbues Gaming and VR With More Authentic Interactions

What if computer-controlled players were capable of much richer levels of interaction?

Sustainability february 17, 2016

Invasion of the Meatspace Space Invaders

Two Earthlings took on the incoming horde with a nerf gun and a cart

Luxury january 14, 2016

Videogame Heroine Models Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer Collection

Lightning, from the highly venerated Final Fantasy series, is recruited to show off items from the SS16 campaign

Automotive january 12, 2016

2016 Detroit Auto Show Opens With Hydrogen Power and Pre-Loaded Entertainment

From minivans to sleek coupes to full-blown performance cars, no vehicle category was left untouched or unchanged

Innovation january 5, 2016

Nissan Transforms Their Cars into Playstation Controllers

A new concept product aims to bridge automotive, tech, sports and gaming

Work december 23, 2015

Should Professional Gamers Wear These Glasses?

Sporting a special tint, these glasses are touted to protect gamers from eye fatigue and even boost their gaming chops

IoT june 2, 2015

Leading Minds Explore Tech’s Future in Coded Documentary

CLOUDS is a virtual reality documentary that tests Microsoft Kinect’s depth sensor as an open-source platform for filmmaking

Arts & Culture may 18, 2015

Pop-Up Pong Game Promotes Storefront Interaction

NYU pop-up space features a larger-than-life pong game that encourages users to make real-time connections


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