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[Insight] YouTube and TV mutually benefits viewership from each other
Technology december 7, 2012

Verizon DVR Machine Watches TV Viewers To Deliver Relevant Ads

Verizon seeks a patent for a TV set top recorder capable of monitoring television viewers as they watch shows and serving them commercials relevant to their real-time actions.

Technology july 6, 2012

Netflix Viewership Beats Broadcast And Cable Networks In US [Headlines]

Subscribers of the online movie and TV network watched more than one billion hours of video in June.

Advertising june 15, 2012

Intel Creates Set-Top-Box With Targeted Advertising [Headlines]

When installed the product will be able to recognize the viewer’s gender and age bracket and tailors the commercial shown based on these criteria. The company assures that the device can not directly identify users.

Arts & Culture march 19, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Music Video Lets You Control The Action

An interactive music video prompts viewers to click on-screen arrow keys, to choose the direction the main character takes.

Design & Architecture april 27, 2010

The Creation Project: Viewers Suggest Storylines For TV Show

A new TV series, The Creation Project, will have its viewers create and choose its story lines.


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