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In Singapore, Land of the Modern, Vintage Clothing Stores Appear
Retail february 28, 2013

Charity Creates Thrift Store Brand To Reach Young Donators

McCann Israel teamed up with a local NGO to help provide the needy with food by selling vintage clothes.

Technology february 26, 2013

Pop-Up Museum Displays Original Apple Hardware

Old Apple technology will be on show to the public for a limited time only at Roswell, Georgia, as part of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast.

Cities december 3, 2012

Vintage Car Museum Will Also House Driving School

A building in Kuwait will display the private automobile collection of the Emir and teach kids how to drive.

Retail november 26, 2012

Ralph Lauren Launches Vintage Site [Pics]

Clothing brand crowdsources items to enhance engagement with fans and customers.

Technology september 7, 2012

Brooklyn Bookstore Resurrects Vintage Titles As E-Books

Singularity & Co brings back forgotten science fiction books by tracking down their copyright holders and getting permission to republish them.

Design & Architecture may 15, 2012

Vintage Camera Made Out Of Recycled Photography Books

Artists create an innovative yet tongue-in-cheek design for this upcycled gadget.

Sustainability april 23, 2012

IKEA Remakes Its Classic Pieces To Be More Sustainable [Pics]

Retro furniture items updated to meet modern demands and functions.

Work april 11, 2012

Artist Creates Portraits Using A Vintage Typewriter As A Brush

Replacing traditional art tools with the keys of the old machines, Keira Rathbone revisits an era of history while merging it with a modern print style.

Design & Architecture march 30, 2012

Vintage Store Offers Clothes Previously Worn By Famous Fashionistas

An online pop-up shop to showcase second-hand items curated by tastemakers from their closets.

IoT march 22, 2012

Hacked Vintage Ticker Tape Machine Prints Out Tweets In Real Time

Have your Twitter feed turned analog and permanently noted down by an old-fashioned device.

Work march 2, 2012

Vintage Suitcases Repurposed As Boom Boxes [Pics]

BoomCase is a series of luggage turned into beautiful stereos.

Sustainability january 10, 2012

British NGO Turns Second-Hand Clothing Into Haute Couture

Oxfam UK has a new fashion-forward focus, changing consumers' perception of gently-used clothing with a new campaign and a trends report.

Design & Architecture october 24, 2011

Vintage Packaging Design For Coca-Cola’s 125th Anniversary [Headlines]

Serbian artist Peter Gregson designed new coca-cola cans based on vintage posters and ads.


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