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Home october 14, 2016

Levitating Turntable Makes Listening To Vinyl Even More Fun

MAG-LEV Audio's new offering offers high-quality sound and innovative design

Technology may 31, 2016

Wireless Turntable Streams Your Vinyl Records

Record player shares via streaming digital devices and on social media in real time

[Stat] Musicians are still making more money from vinyl than YouTube, says British Phonographic Industry
Complementing music streaming, vinyl has its biggest year since 1988 (GOOD)
Work january 13, 2015

Music Album Released In A Dozen Different Analog Formats

Music producer Trevor Jackson celebrates the art of physical music with multi-format album

Work january 12, 2015

Play The Record Cover As You Listen To Your Vinyl

Music lovers can create loops and tunes as they listen to DJ QBert's album Extraterrestria

Design & Architecture september 15, 2014

Vinyl Records Upcycled into Hair Combs

Estonian design shop makes personal grooming look vintage

Mobile september 5, 2014

Nostalgia Pays in Nashville as Rocketing Record Sales Make it the Capital of Vinyl

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are among the artists turning to the old LP format to capture the essence of their music

Arts & Culture february 4, 2014

New Song Emerges When Both Sides Of Vinyl Are Played Together [Video]

Experimental project reveals new ways to compose, market and encode music.

Retail december 2, 2013

Why Rough Trade Record Stores Have Defied The Odds And Succeeded

A new location has opened in Williamsburg, so what is this record store doing that all the others failed to.

Arts & Culture august 12, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Mindfulness in Silicon Valley, Herzog's anti-texting documentary and how the PayPal app could replace credit cards.

Innovation july 23, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Disney builds 3D models from normal photos, UK to block online porn and vinyl sales at their highest.

Design & Architecture july 16, 2013

Carved Vinyl Records Display Images While Maintaining Their Original Sound

A device that uses sound waves to create one-of-a-kind graphics on the analog medium.

Work july 10, 2013

Vinyl Record Holds An Entire Year’s Worth Of Sounds [Video]

Artist Brian House turned a year's worth of location tracking into music, suggesting that our everyday patterns contain musical qualities.


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