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Retail june 29, 2016

Convert Your Favorite SoundCloud Tracks Into A Vinyl Record

A startup is providing a unique service that turns your digital music library into real records

Work january 13, 2015

Music Album Released In A Dozen Different Analog Formats

Music producer Trevor Jackson celebrates the art of physical music with multi-format album

Design & Architecture september 15, 2014

Vinyl Records Upcycled into Hair Combs

Estonian design shop makes personal grooming look vintage

Innovation april 25, 2014

Deteriorating Vinyl Record Simulates Decline Of The Tiger

Limited run of 400 records will go 'extinct' unless they are digitally reproduced.

Luxury april 18, 2014

Paul Parreira: The Vinyl Truth – Why Records Still Matter

Saturday, April 19th is Record Store Day around the world, but should we care?

Arts & Culture february 3, 2014

Vinyl Record Performs A Psychedelic Show When Played [Video]

A visual dimension added to an artifact that is consider to be a visual experience.

Design & Architecture october 14, 2013

Portraits Breathe New Life Into Scratched Records [Pics]

New art rises from the ashes of damaged vinyl.

Retail august 26, 2013

Whole Foods To Start Selling Vinyl Records

Eco-friendly supermarket chain introduced LPs to five of their California stores.

Technology july 22, 2013

Crowdfunded Music Service To Release Rare Vinyl Records

Universal Music is developing a service that will re-release deleted and rare records of old albums if there is enough demand.

Arts & Culture may 14, 2013

Limited Edition Great Gatsby Record Made From Precious Metals

Third Man Records is releasing a $250 vinyl set for The Great Gatsby’s movie soundtrack that has been assembled by hand.

Advertising february 7, 2013

Jack White Prints New Record On X-Ray Sheets

The eccentric musician’s record label is set to release a single printed on pressed medical films.

Technology april 11, 2012

Waveform Sculpture Made From Vinyl Records Gets Stop-Motion Animated [Video]

The art piece made of 960 records is used in the teaser clip for dubstep producer Benga's new single.

Innovation january 24, 2012

Vinyl Record’s Comeback Suggests Nostalgia’s On The Rise [Headlines]

The popular classic music medium reports another year of strong sales.

Home september 26, 2011

What Record Stores Looked Like In The 1960s [Headlines]

A 1960's photo gallery of a quickly vanishing cultural icon, the record store.


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