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[Insight] The psychology of choosing orange to raise gun violence awareness
Work january 15, 2015

Choke-Bag Wrapped Cosmo Magazine Raises Abuse Awareness

Cosmopolitan shames honor-based violence with gasp-inducing cover

Mobile december 17, 2013

Does A High Fashion Revenge Kit Glamorize Violence? [Pics]

Does this couture weapons kits draw attention to crime, or encourage it?

Technology december 13, 2011

Agency Creates First Person Shooter Using Google Street View

A bizarrre mashup created by Pool Worldwide lets you point and shoot in real-world scenarios.

Home november 21, 2011

UNDP Video Contest To Promote End To Violence Against Women

Young people from the Caribbean are asked to submit videos in order to raise awareness about and demand an end to gender-based violence.

Arts & Culture september 30, 2011

What Are They Protesting? PSFK Goes To Wall Street

Going on two weeks, the Occupy Wall Street movement has been galvanized by recent violence yet is committed to carrying on. However, the main stream media is still foggy on the root cause of the protest.

Gaming & Play june 27, 2011

Violent Video Game Ban For Children ‘Unconstitutional’ [Headlines]

Technology april 19, 2011

Why We Fight: How Cyberpsychology Can Change Gaming Experiences

Can moral ambiguity lead to more engaging video game experiences?

Cities july 23, 2010

Memphis Police Use Intelligent Crime Forecasting Technology

Innovative software has been credited in dramatically reducing crime in the city.

IoT june 1, 2010

Military Police Meets Zen Buddhism

In Brazil, the government uses an ancient philosophy to train police officers

Advertising may 17, 2010

Dutch Authorities Use Interactive Billboards To Fight Street Violence

A Psychological experiment uses augmented reality and interactive billboards to affect public behavior.


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