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Technology january 23, 2014

Sugar-Powered Battery Could Fuel Devices Without Any Toxic By-Products

Biobatteries can supply more energy and are more environmentally friendly than conventional batteries.

Design & Architecture september 17, 2013

Hearing Aid Eyeglasses Use Bone Conduction To Amplify Sound

A new form of amplifying device that is more subtle than the current options.

Technology april 1, 2013

Giant Robotic Jellyfish To Monitor The Ocean

A jellyfish made entirely of nuts and bolts (and wires) set to scan the seas.

Mobile november 15, 2012

Shake Your Cell Phone To Charge It

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a novel method for juicing up your mobile that draws energy from piezoelectric force.

december 9, 2011

Virginia Tech Newspaper Used Twitter For Continuous Publishing [Headlines]

The university's paper was able to publish updates during and after the shooting via tweets, gaining 18,000 followers in a few hours.

Design & Architecture august 18, 2010

(Video) A Car For The Blind

Researchers have created a vehicle that can be driven by the visually impaired.

Sustainability july 12, 2010

LUMENHAUS: The House Of The Future Is Here

Virginia Tech’s model home combines sustainability, comfort and responsive architecture.

Gaming & Play june 17, 2010

The World Cup of Robots: Bend It Like R2D2

On June 19th, devices from world-renowned universities will compete in Singapore for RoboCup 2010.


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