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[News] Facebook creates ‘virtual emojis’ for conveying emotion in VR
Automotive july 5, 2016

Campaign Pits Professional Drivers Against Their Virtual Selves

Castrol has launched a new campaign that uses AR to create avatars to race against

Retail april 5, 2016

IKEA's Virtual Kitchen Offers Supreme Customization

In a partnership with HTC Vive, the home furnishing brand is striking out into VR

Technology february 17, 2016

The Mobile VR Headset Your Hands Have Been Waiting For

Fit it in your pocket for the on-the-go virtual reality experiences you've been missing

Work january 18, 2016

5 Tools That Use Touch to Bridge the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Worlds

PSFK explores the touch-enabled world making an increased appearance across retail, travel and hospitality

Home january 11, 2016

Manipulate Your Surroundings Using Only Your Phone

Make everyday objects, like lamps and cars, do your bidding

Work january 7, 2016

The Multi-Sensory Impact of 3D Sound in Virtual Reality [CES 2016]

Accurate and realistic 3D sound in VR is vital to shaping experiences #CES2016

Innovation december 28, 2015

5 Automation and Lifestyle Changes Powering Closed-Loop Communities

PSFK looks at major changes in tech influencing how we experience basic infrastructure in our homes, offices and cities

Luxury december 15, 2015

Visit Faraway Lands in a Virtual Reality Photo Gallery

Yahoo! recently announced a virtual reality Flickr app that could lead to more changes in the photo sharing world

Gaming & Play july 18, 2013

Soccer Fans Cheer For Their Team At Home With Real-Time App [Video]

Tunisian football club receives support from virtual attendees to boost players' spirits.

Retail april 5, 2013

A Closer Look At The Virtual Grocery Display Trend [My Ideal City]

Virtual retail spaces have the potential to repurpose transitional urban spaces for entirely new uses.

Design & Architecture february 6, 2013

Music Video Graphics React Live To Singer's Voice

British artist, Jamie Lidell features eye-catching gadgetry in the video for his upcoming single.

Innovation january 13, 2013

Learning By Doing - A Future Of Work Trend

A collaborative, startup mentality is being adopted by workers and organizations that allows for new ways to learn.

Design & Architecture january 3, 2013

Microsoft Sends Hugs Over The Internet With An Interactive Pillow

The tech company has been busy developing technologies that bring physical interaction to digital communication.


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