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[Inspiration] Why virtual reality will be the next nomad desk solution
Augmented & Virtual Reality Yesterday

The Simpsons Is Stepping Into The World Of VR

To celebrate their 600th episode, the animated family sitcom created a virtual reality version of their opening gag

Fitness & Sport october 18, 2016

How Mind Hacking Can Give Top Athletes A Performance Advantage

The new Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs uncovers a wave of new tools and technologies that are helping people better understand how the brain works in order to extract a higher level of performance

Retail october 17, 2016

Alibaba’s VR Shopping System Let You Pay With A Nod

A virtual checkout experience was designed to incorporate intuitive gestures into the purchase process

Health october 17, 2016

Take A Virtual Reality Tour Inside The Human Body

The gaming experience is designed to make health education more interactive and fun

Arts & Culture october 14, 2016

Virtual Sky Projected Above A Parisian Church

Artist Miguel Chevalier has created a unique symphony of sound and light waves that dance around the historic setting

Augmented & Virtual Reality october 5, 2016

Experiment On An Unlimited Canvas With This VR Art Tool

Gravity Sketch lets artists sketch things in the air instead of on a flat screen

[News] Facebook creates ‘virtual emojis’ for conveying emotion in VR
[News] Oculus hints standalone VR headset with positional tracking
Augmented & Virtual Reality october 5, 2016

Tower Over Cities In Virtual Reality Like A Giant

City VR lets you explore San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago

Technology october 4, 2016

This Headset Turns Your Phone Into A 3D Portal

The Elsewhere device immerses iPhone users into a different dimension

Augmented & Virtual Reality october 3, 2016

De-Stress With This Relaxing VR Forest Experience

The digital experience puts you in a bioluminescent environment for self-guided, nonlinear meditation

Arts & Culture september 30, 2016

LIFE Magazine Relaunches In Pure VR

The general interest periodical, which ceased publication in 2000, has turned into a portal for virtual reality content

Africa september 30, 2016

Virtual Reality Game Gives Lessons About Emergency Birth Care

LIFE is a serious tool that takes advantage of new technology to help save lives


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