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Health november 30, 2016

VR Experience Puts Drunk Driving Into Perspective

A video called "Decisions" produced by Diadeo shows the reality of driving while under the influence of alcohol

Gaming & Play november 23, 2016

AR Kit Turns Any Table Into An Augmented Play Space

OAK is a customizable AR interface that lets you turn any flat space into an immersive experience

Travel november 22, 2016

Fly Around The Globe With Google Earth Virtual Reality

Google Earth VR brings the entire world to the living room with an HTC Vive on Steam

Technology november 21, 2016

Westfield's VR Arcade Gives New Yorkers Truly Immersive Gaming

Westfield World Trade Center, in combination with Tribeca Enterprises, offered a free VR arcade to its guests during the first three weekends of November

USA november 18, 2016

Macy's Creates Virtual Shopping Experiences For Single's Day

US retailers are starting to capitalize on VR to tap into the retail market in China

Retail november 10, 2016

Sephora Launches Augmented Reality Makeup Artist

The service allows customers to pick ideal products using a Facebook Messenger chatbot

[News] VR has come to Google maps, and it’s great
[Insight] Google’s head of VR says video is key for mobile success
[Insight] Looking at the past can tell us what to expect from the future of virtual reality
Media & Publishing november 8, 2016

The New York Times and Samsung Launch 360-Degree News Videos

The project, called the Daily 360, lets readers immerse themselves in a variety of content, with or without VR headsets

Fitness & Sport november 7, 2016

The NFL Is Making A VR Series About Preparing For Game Day

The episodes will be available through YouTube and an app designed for Google Daydream

Design & Architecture november 3, 2016

Amsterdam Hotel Enlists 9 Designers To Create 9 Unique Rooms

The Volkshotel is looking to bring innovation to the hospitality industry through novel interior design

Entertainment november 1, 2016

Meet The Startup Behind Some Of Virtual Reality's Biggest Hits

Simplygon hopes to streamline graphics, performance and production efforts for mind-blowing experiences in the near future

Fitness & Sport november 1, 2016

How Mind Hacking Can Give Top Athletes A Performance Advantage

The new Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs uncovers a wave of new tools and technologies that are helping people better understand how the brain works in order to extract a higher level of performance


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