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Technology august 27, 2012

Inception Helmet Creates Alternative Reality For Cheap

Substitutional Reality system offers an affordable way of manipulating participants' perception of reality,

Mobile july 30, 2010

(Video) SMS Installation Collapses Spatial Relations With Wordplay

An exquisite corpse that hinges on architecture and social media

Advertising january 14, 2010

Advertising Inside Google Street View

Google is looking to take advantage of existing advertising space inside the virtual world of Google Street View.

Luxury october 8, 2009

For Girls In China, Better Dating Via Gaming

Chinese girls are buying 'homes' at iPartment, a social networking/gaming site that lets users interact with their 'love apartment' via pets, diaries, gardens, and games all while looking for someone to share it with.

Sustainability july 23, 2009
Work march 26, 2009
Technology january 21, 2009
Gaming & Play january 20, 2009
Arts & Culture december 16, 2008
Design & Architecture december 15, 2008

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