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Technology july 15, 2013

Google Earth Videos Model The Historical Evolution Of Major Cities

Visualizations give a timeline of how buildings are added to an urban landscape.

Technology september 14, 2012

New Startup Creates Resume Data Visualizes And Maps Out Future Careers

ResumUP is testing a service that tells you who and what you need to know in order to achieve your professional goals.

Innovation july 24, 2012

Beck’s Latest Album Is An Interactive PlayStation Video Game

PSP musical platform Sound Shapes features 3 songs by the musician with original band artwork and lyrics inserted into the environment.

Design & Architecture july 13, 2012

BBC Uses Visualizations & HTML5 To Lift Poetry Off The Pages

'60 Years in 60 Poems' offers a new way of experiencing poetry, using actors’ recordings, sound-based generative design, and archive film footage.

Arts & Culture may 19, 2011

Visualizing Two Years Of Food Consumption In 40 Different Ways

Communications designer Lauren Manning meticulously recorded details from her food consumption over the last two years and visualized it in 40 different ways.

Mobile november 10, 2010

frog design: A World of Tweets

In the current state of data overflow the need for comprehensive and recipient-savvy visualization is greater than ever.

Mobile april 5, 2010

Tracking City Behavior With Taxi Pickup Data

Using data provided by the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, Sense Networks has put together the CabSense mobile app that visualizes taxi pickups by location and frequency.

Sustainability february 2, 2010

Hi-Rise Uses LED Covered Exterior To Display Time And Weather

The Dexia Tower is a Brussels high-rise with an illumination system designed by Lab[au] to visualize time through the use of color.


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