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Design & Architecture april 11, 2016

How The Internet Of Things Can Make Cities More Sustainable

A lighting network powered by Vodafone and Philips integrates devices to help cities cut costs

Work july 28, 2015

Self-Defense Umbrella Empowers Women in Small Towns

Vodafone is helping women protect themselves against thieves through an instructive and easy-to-use umbrella

Mobile december 1, 2014

Vodafone Customer Experience Pod Designed as a Visual Dialogue

IO Studio designed the center, which gives clients a personalized tour based on their individual needs

Innovation june 9, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

LEGO features women characters in STEM field, University of Michigan tests self-automated cars in fake city and indie booksellers join the fight against Amazon.

Editors Pick june 4, 2014

How 3D Printing Can Turn The Average Consumer Into A Powerful Maker

A new industrial revolution will have us rely less on retailers and more on our own creativity to produce goods that suit our desires and needs.

Advertising july 17, 2013

Social Travel Agency Recommends Vacations Based On Hashtags [Video]

Vodafone Netherlands's #HashtagHolidays suggests destinations based on what's trending.

IoT june 14, 2013

Vodafone’s Shorts Charge Festival Goers’ Phones

The company unveils the future of summer concert gear with the Power Pocket and the Recharge sleeping bag.

Syndicated april 29, 2013

Mobile Wallet Will Trade Data

Weve hopes to compete with Google Wallet by handling shoppers' information differently.

Cities april 26, 2013

Phone Company Renames Madrid's Subway System

Vodafone has struck a deal to add its name and logo to one of the underground rail lines and the Spanish capital's Sol station.

Technology january 18, 2013

Mobile Company Tracks Lost Phones To See Where They Go

For a social experiment by Vodafone, the company ‘lost’ 100 phones in the Netherlands to see what would happen to them.

Work september 6, 2012

Wikipedia Founder Attacks UK Government's 'Snooper's Charter'

Jimmy Wales says the plan to track all text, internet, and email use is 'technologically incompetent' and his site will encrypt all British connections if implemented.

Design & Architecture june 30, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week.

Technology june 18, 2012

Smart Umbrella Charges Phones

Vodafone Booster Brolly concept can save your phone from conking out or losing reception when you need it most.

Design & Architecture may 11, 2012

Vodafone Hosts AR Fashion Show Where Models Appear Next To You [Video]

ARworks created a channel in the Junaio app that lets users view models and learn about their outfits.


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