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Technology november 11, 2016

Adobe Launches Voice-Synthesizing Technology

Project VoCo provides precise control over audio, even synthesizing spoken word to accuratly emulate a person's voice

Luxury july 23, 2013

Collar Turns Voiceless Lip Movement Into Speaker Sounds [Video]

A device that can be used to create unique compositions by bypassing the vocal cords.

[Inspiration] The 35 interfaces that changed technology, according to Xerox
Arts & Culture july 16, 2013

Tweet-Streaming Dress Helps Activists’ Voices Get Heard [Video]

Techy dress grabs Swedish politician’s attention by giving youth a mouthpiece.

Gaming & Play december 23, 2011

LG Develops Voice-Operated Remote Control

Now you can operate your TV simply by speaking to the remote.

Technology july 26, 2011

Meet The Real Life Wall-E

A Canadian robot aficionado brings Pixar favourite, Wall-E, to life.

Mobile march 30, 2010

Using Mobile Phones To Broadcast News

A novel project in India uses cell phones to broadcast news to villages.

Mobile june 8, 2009

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