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Technology august 12, 2016

Alexa Rediscovers Its Roots As A Touchscreen Intercom

Nucleus can manage grocery lists, check the weather and play music via voice commands

Luxury january 7, 2016

The Iconic VW Microbus Pulls Up as a Rolling Digital Hub [CES 2016]

The van concept at #CES2016 explores content sharing and home connectivity

Mobile july 15, 2013

Hacked Microwave Scans Food Barcodes To Get Cooking Instructions

A home-made gadget responds to voice commands to make cooking even easier.

Retail january 14, 2013

Intel Wants Users To Be Part Of The Future Of Computing

Excited about how gesture-, voice- and eye-control are changing the future of computing? Why not be a part of its creation?

Technology december 14, 2012

Fiat Incorporates Hands-Free Social Media Access Into Cars

The ‘Social Drive’ feature of new Fiat models keeps drivers connected to social media, while keeping their eyes on the road.

Work november 27, 2012

Motorola Headset Responds To Voice Commands [Video]

HC1 could be be a step forwards for organizations to implement wearable, hands-free computing.

Sustainability august 20, 2012

Smart Watch Responds To Voice Commands, Answers Calls & Send Texts

The Martian Watch is a bluetooth-enabled smartwatch that lets you give voice commands to send and receive calls and texts via your Android or iOS device.

Gaming & Play july 30, 2012

Voice-Recognition XBOX Soccer Penalizes Players For Swearing At The Game [Video]

FIFA 13 recognizes voice commands but also swear words.

Work april 25, 2012

Secure USB Drive Only Allows Access With A Voice Command

Voicelok uses a spoken password to provide new levels of privacy for your data.

IoT march 2, 2012

Check Facebook In Your Ford With Voice Commands

Integrating social media into vehicles could provide users with a more connected yet safer driving experience.

Mobile march 2, 2012

Android Gets Siri For Web Searches

Dolphin Sonar will give Android mobile owners the ability to conduct voice-activated web queries.

Technology february 29, 2012

Tell Your Mobile Shopping List What To Add And Delete

Android app includes voice-control feature to help you manage your grocery list better.

Home february 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Interactive Cookbook Lets You Tell It When To Turn The Page

Voice control options ensure a mess-free cooking session in the kitchen.

Mobile february 21, 2012

Unlock Your Android With Just Your Voice

Google has filed a patent that would give users more freedom and increased security.


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