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The Iconic VW Microbus Pulls Up as a Rolling Digital Hub [CES 2016]

Hacked Microwave Scans Food Barcodes To Get Cooking Instructions

Intel Wants Users To Be Part Of The Future Of Computing

Fiat Incorporates Hands-Free Social Media Access Into Cars

Motorola Headset Responds To Voice Commands [Video]

Smart Watch Responds To Voice Commands, Answers Calls & Send Texts

Voice-Recognition XBOX Soccer Penalizes Players For Swearing At The Game [Video]

Secure USB Drive Only Allows Access With A Voice Command

Check Facebook In Your Ford With Voice Commands

  • 2 march 2012
  • IoT

Android Gets Siri For Web Searches

Tell Your Mobile Shopping List What To Add And Delete

Hello Kitty Interactive Cookbook Lets You Tell It When To Turn The Page

  • 21 february 2012
  • Home

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