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Technology october 14, 2016

Wearable Captioning Device For Hearing Impaired Conveys Emotion And Tone

The device also allows people to record and better understand conversation transcripts for later reference

Technology september 1, 2016

A Reddit-Powered Database Will Inform Google's Voice Recognition Technology

The dataset was conceived to overcome the 'speech divide' introduced by strong accents and dialects

[Inspiration] Barbie’s Hello Dreamhouse Adopts IoT Before Many Real Homes
[Stat] 2% of households use AI voice assistants, which could rise to 11% by 2020
[News] AI voice recognition surpasses human typing as a better transcription tool
Retail april 1, 2016

Banks Will Recognize Your Voice When You Call Them About Your Account

Financial institution launches voice-controlled banking technology

Innovation december 4, 2014

Voice Recognition Software Translates Words from Those With Speech Disorders

Philips partners with VoiceItt to produce software that can help people with speech disorders interact using only their voices

Home november 5, 2014

Donate Your Voice to Support Child Helpline International

Global campaign 'Free Our Voices' uses custom sound recognition technology to let visitors sign the petition verbally

Work october 22, 2014

Unsure About Something? 'Ethan' App Has an Answer

Via his new messenger service, the developer is happy to share his opinion on matters of life, love, diet, dress, or just whatever

Mobile september 24, 2014

Create Your Avatar to Pass On to Future Generations

Yourbot preserves the past by digitally immortalizing your psychological profile

Home june 19, 2013

Avatar System Could Help With Public Speaking & Social Anxiety

A voice and facial recognition software can simulate real conversations and provide feedback.

Mobile april 3, 2013

Mobile Ads That Talk Back To Consumers

Nuance has unveiled 'Voice Ads', a new format that enables people to have two-way conversations with brands.

Technology march 22, 2013

Esquire App Talks To Magazine Readers And Gives Advice

'Talk to Esquire' features pre-recorded responses from three magazine columnists and "listens" using voice recognition technology.

Arts & Culture march 20, 2013

Add Subtitles To Films With Google’s Voice Recognition Tool

The Peanut Gallery uses your computer's microphone and the Web Speech API in Google Chrome to turn speech into text.


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