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Food august 2, 2016

This Kitchen Turns Food Waste Into Delicious Three-Course Meals

The space utilizes surplus fruits and vegetables from supermarkets for its free weekly dinners

Work september 15, 2015

Your Next Adventure Can Help Impoverished Communities

A startup is rethinking how tourism must work to benefit communities

[Inspiration] General Mills engages in skill-based volunteerism across the globe
Mobile april 2, 2014

Coke Creates Volunteering App For Local Do-Gooders

The 'Radar For Good' pinpoints nearby opportunities.

Technology november 27, 2013

Sponsored Volunteer Work Provides An Alternate Way To Pay Off Student Loans [Video]

New site offers a refreshing way to take the heavy weight of debt off young people's shoulders.

Design & Architecture march 28, 2013

Extra Space In Coca-Cola Crates Used To Deliver Medicine To Rural Regions

ColaLife improves conditions in developing countries by utilizing the beverage company's local distribution channels.

Home november 11, 2012

Jill Nussbaum: Empowering Digital Citizens To Deal Better With Sandy

Relief efforts during the recent disaster were carried out mostly by on the ground volunteers but getting accurate information was difficult.

Technology december 15, 2011

Now You Can Report Suicidal Behaviors On Facebook To Help A Friend

Lifeline partners with the online social network to reach out to those needing help.

Mobile november 18, 2011

Volunteers Now Accept Credit Card Donations In Person

The Salvation Army will use the Square device to accept digital donations.

Work august 24, 2011

Springwise: Local Library Lends Out Humans As 'Living Books'

A library in Surrey, British Columbia has 'living books' on loan. They are local human experts who volunteer their time to chat with the public about a variety of topics.

Design & Architecture august 22, 2011

GOOD Acquires Jumo To Expand Its Community For A Better World

GOOD has acquired nonprofit network Jumo to expand its community of individuals, businesses and organizations who all have the interest of making the world a better place.

august 10, 2011

Twitter Campaign Sweeps In To Cleanup After London Riots [Headlines]

The @riotcleanup Twitter account has accumulated more than 70,000 followers and has mobilized hundreds of volunteers to clean up the mess from the London riots.

Cities june 7, 2011

A Moment Of Humanity: Proctor And Gamble's Response To Disaster

In response to the deadly EF5 multiple-vortex tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri, Proctor & Gamble launched disaster relief initiatives at the heart of the devastated city.

Technology november 23, 2010

Big Help Mob: Flash Mobs For A Cause

A venture of the non-for-profit Perth group Youth Tree, the group of one-hundred-strong volunteers get together to perform "superhuman acts of awesomeness for non-profits and communities."


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