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[Inspiration] Taco Bell’s new ad campaign answers gamers’ hunger for VR
Augmented & Virtual Reality september 21, 2016

This VR Game Will Let You Realize Your Dreams Of Becoming A Lumberjack

Practice limbing trees against a gorgeous backdrop in this virtual experience designed by Swedish chainsaw company Husqvarna

Augmented / Virtual Reality september 21, 2016

Creative Agency Founder: Using VR As A Race Relationship Tool

Maurice Bernstein, CEO and Founder of Giant Step, explores the value in transforming headsets from high-tech entertainment tools into empathy machines

Augmented & Virtual Reality september 16, 2016

Multisensory Installation Used Virtual Reality To Compose Its Musical Score

The process allowed musicians to match their instrumentation to the abstract visuals dancing on a 62-foot long ribbon screen

Arts & Culture september 12, 2016

The World’s First Virtual Reality Ballet Is Free To Watch

The Dutch National Opera & Ballet has created Night Fall, new VR entertainment that can be enjoyed all around the world

[News] Sony plans to compete with Amazon Echo by launching a new voice assistant
Media & Publishing september 1, 2016

Cinematic Tech Shifts The Story As You Change Your Perspective

A new campaign lets viewers turn their mobile devices from portrait to landscape and vice versa to 'see the bigger picture'

Augmented & Virtual Reality august 31, 2016

VR Training For Active Shooter Preparedness

SurviVR is an immersive environment to teach civilians how to protect themselves in dangerous situations

Education august 29, 2016

Bringing Virtual Reality And Telepresence Robotics To E-Learning

This Learning Management System is embracing new technologies to reallocate teaching resources to where they should be going

Augmented & Virtual Reality august 22, 2016

Live The Experience Of Clean Running Water For The First Time

charity: water has revealed its first virtual reality experience film in a new NYC exhibit

[News] Google creates 360-degree virtual tours of National Parks
[News] Best Buy offers VR demos for early adopters
[Insight] How brands should think about VR after mass adoption
Augmented & Virtual Reality august 11, 2016

Google’s 3D Audio Could Transform How We View Live Concerts

A new immersive entertainment project from creates a hyper-realistic listening experience


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