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Technology november 28, 2016

ATM Let You Take Out Money Using A Phone

Customers banking with the new system can use their mobile device to quickly and seamlessly withdraw funds from their account

Design & Architecture april 4, 2016

Eject Your Cards From This Unloseable Wallet

The Ekster Wallet is reimagining how we take out our cards to make payments

Work february 2, 2016

Charge Trips to Your Credit Card, Charge Phones with Your Wallet

Save space and charge phones from inside your pocket

Design & Architecture september 17, 2015

A Motion to Give Credit Cards Motion

A small change equals a huge convenience with a new design concept for credit cards

Home september 22, 2014

Turn a Starbucks Bag into a Functional Wallet

A little trick will help you turn a drab brew bag into a nifty money-keeper

Mobile august 20, 2013

Bluetooth Wallet Cries Out When Credit Cards Fall Out

An effective way to keep your plastic safe and protect against identity theft.

april 18, 2013

Who Is Using Virtual Wallets? [Infographic]

Financial industry startup Wallaby has released data about their users.

Cities april 3, 2013

15 Stories You Need To Know Today

BRICs may not be so emergent, LA synchronizes its red lights and online reputations a new way to evaluate trustworthiness...links to start your day with.

Arts & Culture february 12, 2013

Leather Wallets Made From A Single Piece Of Material

British-trained Chieh Ting Huang formulates, and executes, efficient, minimalist design for iPhone cases and more.

Technology november 16, 2012

Tracking App Makes Sure Users Never Lose Their Wallet Again

Wallet Trackr is a device and app combo that will prevent you from misplacing your valuables.

Arts & Culture november 6, 2012

Minimalist Wallet

Brooklyn-based designer draws inspiration from an elastic band he found on a head of broccoli.

Design & Architecture june 14, 2012

Beautiful Wallets Carved From A Single Block Of Wood

Handcrafted in the U.S., this is a stylish way to carry your notes and cards.

Retail may 18, 2012

Coach Designs Wallets Made Of Vintage Baseball Gloves

The high-end handbag brand returns to its original inspiration for a limited-edition men's collection.

Design & Architecture april 16, 2012

Put Together DIY Leatherworks With Brand's Step-By-Step Guides

Jepsen LeatherGoods offers instructions for creating your own leather passport holders and wallets.


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