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IoT august 22, 2016

The ‘Internet Of Clothes’ Will Find A New Home For Neglected Garmets

A new technology could allow your shirts and pants to give themselves away to charity if they detect that they are not being worn

Travel july 22, 2013

Hanging Cords Transform Into A Mobile Coat Rack [Pics]

A new type of wardrobe for those seriously short on space

Innovation december 20, 2011

London Company Offers Ultimate Wardrobe Management Solution Via iPad

Vault Couture is a new service that helps fashionistas manage and store clothing with digital cataloging solutions.

Technology december 19, 2011

New iPhone App Keeps Track Of Outfits You’ve Worn And Loved

A clothing cataloging app helps users keep track of various favorite ensembles.

Home september 13, 2011

Clothed Furniture Allows You To Undress Your Wardrobe [Pics]

Open doors or reveal storage compartments by unbuttoning or unfastening straps on clothed furniture.

Sustainability june 24, 2011

Springwise: Minimalist 10-Piece Wardrobe Designed To Span A Year

Entrepreneurial idea seeker introduces Malaysian fashion label ULTRA that keeps the environment in mind.


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