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[Insight] Schools see increased attendance by offering free laundry
Design & Architecture april 8, 2016

A Perfect Washing Machine For Co-Living Spaces

Home appliances will let you keep your privacy and save time in the era of shared economy

Sustainability june 11, 2015

Pedal-Powered Washing Machine Cleans Clothes in Five Minutes

The Drumi works without electricity to wash and spin-dry up to seven items at a time

Home september 3, 2013

Home Appliances Used To Build Dining Set [Video]

Product designer David Steiner used materials found in his own home, including cutlery cast in cereal box molds and bowls molded in a washing machine.

Home july 23, 2013

Washing Machine Transforms Into A Lounge Chair [Pics]

Designer Antonina’s “I Used To Be A Washing Machine” series features a manual that guides people through building chairs from parts.

LG is Developing a Washing Machine That Doesn't Use Water | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Technology april 22, 2013

LG May Develop Waterless Washing Machine

The Korean electronics firm is planning a home appliance that uses steam and and other technologies to reduce wrinkles and odor.

Cities december 6, 2012

Put A Coin In A Converted Washing Machine For An Instant Dance Party

Gap Filler, a creative urban regeneration initiative, has installed the ‘Dance-O-Mat’ in Christchurch to give the locals a fun and interactive experience.

Technology august 3, 2012

Save Water With A Shower That Doubles As A Washing Machine [Pics]

Gray water used to get clean could also be used to clean your clothes.

Innovation june 27, 2012

Concept Washing Machine Doesn’t Use Soap Or Water [Pics]

Orbit uses a jet of solid CO2 to clean clothes and the drum levitates thanks to a liquid nitrogen superconductor.

Innovation september 10, 2010

Pedal-Powered Washing Machine

Within the larger conversation happening around sustainable energy, there is noticeable push towards small scale, consumer-facing products to help solve our future resource needs.

Mobile july 19, 2010

A Wall-Mounted Washing Machine

A finalist from the Elecrolux Design Lab Competition has imagined a slim version of the traditionally bulky appliance.


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