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Discarded Ugly Fruit Is Being Collected And Distributed As Prime Product
Cities february 24, 2014

Tiny Signs Lend A Voice To New York’s Lost Objects [Pics]

Yoonjin Lee's adorable and funny project addresses the banal items we see on city streets.

Design november 14, 2013

Mobile Robotic Trash Asks People To Pick Up Nearby Garbage

Japanese engineers developed sociable trash boxes that identifies litter and gets help collecting it.

Advertising october 28, 2013

Company Lets People Check Out To-Go Boxes Like A Library [Video]

BizeeBox is a reusable, dishwasher-safe container that aims to remove takeout waste from urban landfills

Culture september 11, 2013

How Is Britain Fighting Its Food Waste Problem?

BBC Radio 4's Costing the Earth explores initiatives to cut excess, save money and reduce the negative impact of edible produce garbage on our planet.

Cities august 23, 2013

Waste Sculptures Wrapped In Cling Film Pop Up On City Streets

Street art crew transforms trash and gives it a new purpose and life.

Sustainability august 9, 2013

Peer-To-Peer App Connects Hungry Strangers With Leftovers

Peer-to-peer network for those who have more than enough food to go around

Advertising june 28, 2013

UV Light Fridges Prevent Food From Rotting

New design concept was able to keep strawberries fresh and intact for nine days.

Cities june 18, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg To Introduce City-Wide Composting In NYC

A new plan attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by recycling upto 100,000 tons of food waste a year.

Technology june 11, 2013

Trash-Sorting Robot Ensures Efficient Recycling

The ZenRobotics Recycler can sort trash by material type and distinguish between waste products.

Design april 29, 2013

Pop-Up Cafe Built Entirely Out Of Garbage [Video]

Students at Newcastle University created the walls, chairs and other components out of drink bottles, cardboard boxes and plastic bags.

Design march 8, 2013

Sensor Detects The Freshness Of Food

Researchers have created a smart circuit that could eliminate the need for expiration dates.

Design october 18, 2012

Levi’s Water-Less Jeans

The Waste Less denim products contain a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled content, and represent the next chapter in the company's sustainable design initiative.

Design october 16, 2012

Solid Waterproof Bricks Made From Animal Blood

An innovative construction material made from recycled animal waste, could help out the developing world.


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