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Technology october 10, 2014

Play Games, More on Beautiful Display That’s the Size of Your Thumb

TinyScreen is a miniature color display that can also be programmed to provide phone notifications and watch videos

Retail july 11, 2014

Customize A Unique Smartwatch By Connecting Modular Blocks

With Blocks, users can personalize the functionality of their smartwatch.

Design & Architecture september 6, 2013

Watch’s Minute Hand Spells Out The Time In English

Designer Daniel Will-Harris’ watch displays the time with words like "past" and "till".

Design & Architecture august 6, 2013

Magnified Watch Spins To Tell Time Without Hands

Tumblr blogger Hop Picker has designed a concept watch with a rotating dial that eliminates the use of arrow hands to tell the time.

Design & Architecture may 29, 2013

Diving Watch Comes Packaged In A Bag Of Water

To highlight its moisture resistant design, the Festina Profundo watch is sold in clear bags filled with liquid.

Design & Architecture april 25, 2013

Paper Watch Encourages Owners To Customize The Band

This gadget is purchased as a blank canvas, allowing the wearer to add their own designs.

Cities april 4, 2013

Watch Collection Inspired By Iconic NYC Streets

Hudson River Watch Co. has designed nine high quality watches influenced by urban landmarks.

Luxury september 18, 2012

Watch Can Automatically Adjust To Different Time Zones

Instead of having to set your watch when you travel, the Seiko Astron uses a processor and GPS radio to pinpoint its location and change the time.

Arts & Culture september 11, 2012

Jet-Inspired Watch Features Two ‘Engines’ For Its Faces [Pics]

The HM4 Thunderbolt doesn’t have a regular interface, instead it has a hand for the hours, another for the minutes and a ‘power reserve indicator.’


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