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Work january 28, 2016

Panasonic Initiatives Stand to Transform Denver Into Top-Tier Urban Hub

This city's urban infrastructure promises lower power costs

Mobile december 11, 2014

Device Motivates You to Save Water in the Shower

Eva shower attachment gamifies water consumption

Sustainability november 19, 2013

Water Fountain Uses Positive Reinforcement To Decrease Bottle Waste

Keep track of your environmental impact with this networked water fountain in Israel.

Home october 9, 2013

Outdoor Sofa Collects Rainwater To Feed Green Spaces [Pics]

Park bench helps the citizens of Mumbai create their own independent water supply.

Luxury september 3, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

iPad minis instead of in-flight entertainment, Norway get Tesla Superchargers and the Zappos revival of Las Vegas.

Sustainability december 14, 2012

Faucet ‘Lock’ Helps Conserve Water

A locking mechanism may limit H2O use by switching off when a pre-determined amount is reached.

Innovation june 4, 2010

PepsiCo To Use Potato Water To Help Run Its Chip Factories

Food Giant PepsiCo is taking new initiatives to achieve more sustainability in its factories.

Work june 3, 2010

Hand Washing Station Prevents Excess Use Of Water

The Innovative concept design of a bathroom appliance helps to encourage conservation.

Technology may 14, 2010

Wireless Tracking Devices Reward Green Behavior With Automatic Bank Savings

Monetary incentives and green ideals may help us become more comfortable with devices tracking our habits.

Home january 20, 2010

(Pics) Home Core: Futuristic Bathroom Concept Helps Conserve Water

Dang Jingwei's Home Core concept design fuses together a sink, toilet mirror and table into one sleek device.

Arts & Culture november 20, 2009

Learn Something New Everyday

Learn Something Every Day is a daily project by UK based design studio Young.

Advertising august 28, 2009

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