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Food july 12, 2016

A Beverage Company Is Working To Help Their Suppliers Save Water

A new app from Innocent Drinks was designed to help their strawberry supplier reduce their depletion of water from a national park

Culture june 23, 2016

This Beer Is Made From 25,000-Year-Old Icebergs

A brewery in Canada makes a line of a signature drinks harvested from ancient glacial water

Arts & Culture june 21, 2016

This Piece Of Art Lets You Walk On Water In Northern Italy

The 'Floating Piers' project creates an extension of a street as a walkway between islands

Design june 10, 2016

Citizens Crowdfund NYC’s First Pop-Up Bridge

A floating pedestrian path is designed to connect Brooklyn to New York's Governors Island

Design june 10, 2016

Interactive Water Bottle Turns Hydration Into A Game

These Tamagotchi-like pets are encouraging children of all ages to drink enough water

Design june 9, 2016

Sustainably Designed Villages Could Produce All Their Own Food And Energy

ReGen Villages is a global development company that aims to tackle global issues through self-sufficient buildings

Food june 7, 2016

Dairy Farm Designed To Float Completely On Water

A new project seeks to build a farm on water as a step toward creating self-sufficient cities.

Food may 24, 2016

This Purifier Wants You To Drink More Water

A reverse osmisis system sends you discreet nudges if you are not staying hydrated

Sustainability may 19, 2016

Plant-Based Renewable Packaging Debuts With JUST Water

New bottle features a cap and top made from material derived from sugarcane

Advertising march 28, 2016

Levi’s: How Responsible Business Can Build a More Profitable Brand [PSFK Conference]

Leading up to PSFK 2016, we revisit some of our past amazing talks with Erik Joule discussing Levi's top-down commitment to sustainable manufacturing

US consumption of bottled water is about to overtake soda (Quartz)
Design december 18, 2015

A Simple Bag Helps You Save the Water Wasted for Your Hot Shower

Nifty invention makes sure every drop of clear water counts, even if its not warm enough just yet

Advertising december 2, 2014

How a Start-up Used Design and Partnerships to Disrupt The Water Filter Industry

Soma is leveraging intelligent design and brand partnerships to gain the upper hand in the water filter industry

Design november 19, 2014

Ancient Techniques Blend with Modern Hydration in Zahota Bag

Accessory applies modern design to the ancient bota bag wineskin, combining functionality with a traditional aesthetic


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