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Technology august 10, 2016

Wearable Sunscreen Dispenser Provides On-The-Go Protection

Stay protected for hours at a time by keeping handy capsules on your wrist

Food august 2, 2016

Solar-Powered Process Turns Urine Into Beer

A Team at the University of Ghent has dubbed the new lager 'From Sewer to Brewer'

Health july 25, 2016

Visualize The Data Around All The Food You Eat

A health-based platform is designed to deliver insights into what you should and shouldn't be eating

IoT july 20, 2016

Use This IoT Device To Discover Leaks In Your Home

Through a pairing of Roost's smart batteries and iOS or Android apps, homeowners can spot water damage without having to lift a finger

Travel july 19, 2016

Crowdfunding Campaign Makes Private New Zealand Beach Public

Almost 40,000 people donated $1.7 million to buy the plot of land and keep it out of the hands of private owners

Sustainability july 12, 2016

A Beverage Company Is Working To Help Their Suppliers Save Water

A new app from Innocent Drinks was designed to help their strawberry supplier reduce their depletion of water from a national park

Retail june 23, 2016

This Beer Is Made From 25,000-Year-Old Icebergs

A brewery in Canada makes a line of a signature drinks harvested from ancient glacial water

Design & Architecture june 21, 2016

This Piece Of Art Lets You Walk On Water In Northern Italy

The 'Floating Piers' project creates an extension of a street as a walkway between islands

Travel june 10, 2016

Citizens Crowdfund NYC’s First Pop-Up Bridge

A floating pedestrian path is designed to connect Brooklyn to New York's Governors Island

Health june 10, 2016

Interactive Water Bottle Turns Hydration Into A Game

These Tamagotchi-like pets are encouraging children of all ages to drink enough water

Design & Architecture june 9, 2016

Sustainably Designed Villages Could Produce All Their Own Food And Energy

ReGen Villages is a global development company that aims to tackle global issues through self-sufficient buildings

Sustainability june 7, 2016

Dairy Farm Designed To Float Completely On Water

A new project seeks to build a farm on water as a step toward creating self-sufficient cities.

Technology may 24, 2016

This Purifier Wants You To Drink More Water

A reverse osmisis system sends you discreet nudges if you are not staying hydrated

Sustainability may 19, 2016

Plant-Based Renewable Packaging Debuts With JUST Water

New bottle features a cap and top made from material derived from sugarcane


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