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Wearable Tech Device Aimed at Amping Up the Surf Experience

Protective Transit Jacket for Germ-Free Commuting

Compostable, Single-Use Festival Tents Made from Biodegradable Materials

Sunshine-Monitoring Wearable Tells Users When They Need Protection

Special Coating Makes Smart Phones And Gadgets Waterproof

This Flexible Keyboard Rolls Up Like A Yoga Mat

Store Data Forever On This Waterproof, Fireproof Glass Disk

Foldable Keyboard Simplifies Smartphone Typing

Cardboard Bicycle Can Be Built For $9 [Video]

iPhone Case Turns The Device Into A Dive Computer

Smart Two-Tone Jacket Absorbs Heat On One Side, Releases It From The Other

Shirt Lets You Stand In The Rain For Hours Without Getting Wet [Pics]

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