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Technology september 20, 2012

Kids Celebrate Peace By ‘Hacking’ Violent Weapons

In honor of Peace One Day, a campaign called 'Create a Master-Peace' is inviting children and their families to create non-violent, neutral art out of previously dangerous items.

Design & Architecture september 22, 2011

Should Users Be Able To Make A Rifle Through 3D Printing?

Users on the 3D digital design site have uploaded functional weapon components.

september 2, 2010

Sonic Self Defense

Pocket-sized device offers a non-lethal way to disable potential threats.

Advertising august 16, 2010

Monocolumn: China Cheats Itself

China is famously hungry for resources and knowledge of all kinds – but military high technology whets the country’s billion-man appetite more than anything else.

Work january 29, 2010

Handgun Fires Only When In Proximity To Owner’s Watch

A new technology could help keep weapons from falling into the wrong hands.


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