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What Would A World Entirely Powered By Augmented Reality Look Like?

Wearable Turns Any Surface Into A One-Handed Keyboard

Designing A Better Looking VR Headset

Adidas Wearable Tracks Gym Class Activity

Put An Elegant Calendar On Your Wrist and Everything Falls in Place

Skip a Pill, Wear This Instead for Pain Relief [CES 2016]

This Health-Tracking Bracelet Works on Your Mind, Too

A Wearable Device With Diversified Connectivity, Inside a Ring

  • 4 december 2015
  • IoT

This Wearable Tracks How Many Words Your Baby Hears Each Day

Platform Eyes Easier Diabetes Management for 400 Million Sufferers

Connected Heart Monitor That’s Smaller Than a Credit Card

  • 29 september 2015
  • Home

According to Microsoft, Electric Shocks Can Be Your Next Ringtone

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