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Technology november 5, 2013

Fashion Forward Phone Bracelet Only Lets In Calls From VIP Contacts

Wearable device links to your smart phone and notifies you when specific people try to get in touch.

IoT october 8, 2013

Is There A Future For Wearable Tech?

Industry veteran and design engineer conveys the story and logic behind the rise of these consumer-facing items.

Low-cost DIY bio-sensors for homemade medical devices
may 3, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Flipboard on the rise, the fight for wearable tech and YouTube's reach for ad dollars...links to start your day with.

Technology march 11, 2013

Write A Text Or Email By Moving A Glove Through The Air

Computer scientists have developed an "airwriting" system that uses sensors to record hand movements.

Advertising september 11, 2012

Diane von Furstenberg’s Models Wear Google Glasses On The Runway

A well-orchestrated collaboration between the designer and the tech giant is sure to fight off any geeky stigma the new tech might carry with it

Innovation may 10, 2012

Control Your Smartphone With Sensors In Your Shoes

Researchers develop a computing system for mobile phones that uses a tiny sensors housed in laces and gesture control.

Design & Architecture february 8, 2011

Serendiptichord: Musical Prosthetics And Computable Fashion

A different approach to wearable technology showcases the potential of musical prosthetics to unlock creative interaction possibilities.

Work june 18, 2010

(Future of Health) Interview With GeekPhysical

PSFK talks to the creators of the Cold feet Interactive Bouquet about biometrics and technology.

Technology october 26, 2009

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt Displays Nearby Signal Strength

Straight from the ThinkGeek labs comes an interesting bit of wearable computng. The wi-fi detector shirt is fitted with an internal wi-fi detector that allows for a dynamic display of ambient signal strength.


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