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Technology october 20, 2016

Wearable Tech Expert: Designing Technology To Empower Connection To Ourselves

Billie Whitehouse, Founder of Wearable Experiments, shares her new vision for the quantified self

Fashion october 5, 2016

These Garments Show Your Stress Levels In Real Time

Designer Hussein Chalayan is exploring the possibilities of emotion-tracking wearables during his runway show at Paris fashion week

AI september 2, 2016

NASA Brings Artificial Intelligence To Firefighters

Partnered with wearables, AI is being used to make first responders safer on the job

Sustainability august 26, 2016

This Windbreaker Lets You Explore The Outdoors While Charging Your Phone

The apparel includes solar panels that allow the wearer to stay connected through the power of renewable energy

Work may 5, 2016

When Fashion And Technology Collide [PSFK 2016]

Fashion Technologist Amanda Parkes returns with an update on how to take wearables past the wrist

IoT january 29, 2016

PSFK 2017 Forecast: The Next Phase of Wearable Tech Is…Better Fashion

Our trends report looks at interactive clothing and its push for better design and dynamics

IoT january 13, 2016

New Balance’s Tech Line to Help Athletes Reach Their Performance Potential

With Intel and Google, a runner's watch will headline New Balance's Digital Sport division

Syndicated october 1, 2015

Wearables Could Make It Harder to Keep Your Hangover Secret at Work

With companies encouraging employees to wear smart devices to promote health and wellbeing, there are growing concerns about privacy

Technology september 29, 2015

Relax in Under 15 Minutes With a Mindfulness Wearable for Your Brain

Perfectly tapping into the mindfulness moment, Melomind offers a speedy, sensorial experience with a difference

Technology august 19, 2015

Brain Busy? Software Screens Out Low-Priority Emails

Phylter controls incoming notifications based on physiological sensing

Syndicated july 23, 2015

Apple Watch Isn’t a Flop—It Represents Future of Smartwatches

Despite some reports calling the Apple Watch a flop, other trend and technology experts say the wearable represents new step for the evolution of the digital watch

Work june 24, 2015

Sneakers Change Color on Demand

The Shift Sneaker is an LED-infused shoe that would work much like real-world game customization

Work june 16, 2015

How To Build Your Own Activity Tracker

Creating the activity tracker RetroBand is easier than you think

Advertising june 15, 2015

Smart Fabric and Design: Creating Fashion Collections for Modern Women

Fashion designer Natalia Allen leverages smart textiles and innovative design processes to create collections for an ever-growing market of wealthy consumers


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