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Small Device Creates A Personal Weather Station Inside In Your Home

Netatmo's new sensor is a standalone air quality monitor that can measure humidity, purity, noise and temperature

Technology august 8, 2016

Meet The Umbrella That Will Make Sure You Don’t Ever Lose It

Created by Japanese company Fantastick, the accessory will help you navigate back to it if you ever leave it behind

Automotive july 14, 2016

Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Earlier If There Are Traffic Jams On Your Commute

An iOS app can calculate your wake-up time using traffic data to ensure you'll get to the office on time

Advertising july 6, 2016

How Advertisers Can Amplify Impact Through Context

New report from PSFK Labs explores how advertisers can increase relevance by harnessing micro-moments and personal preference

Mobile march 18, 2016

This Umbrella is Smart, Connected and Unforgettable

Connected umbrella tells you when rain's coming

Fashion february 25, 2016

Converse Hack Turns Sneakers into Weather Notifier

If you want to check if the weather is great for a stroll, just ask your Chuck Taylors

Work february 10, 2016

GE Powers a Smarter Weather App

Poncho and GE power the cheeky, cute forecasting app

Technology january 26, 2016

This Electronic DIY Company Got the Support of The White House—Here’s Why

This DIY kit company gets a presidential thumbs-up

Work january 15, 2016

Dashing Through the Snow, Driverless

Ford tests autonomous vehicles in snow at Mcity facility

Luxury december 23, 2015

Your Birthday’s Weather Proves How Damaging Climate Change Is Today

Turn back the climate clock to know why it's time to start worrying about our planet and the trade partnerships killing it

Innovation june 4, 2015

Prep for the Elements with Table-Top Weather Simulator

Tempescope simulates the local forecast in a glass box, bringing sunshine, showers and storms indoors

Design & Architecture december 5, 2014

Whimsical Gadgets Visualize the Weather

Charming toys transmit weather data via the Internet of Things

Sustainability december 3, 2014

Study Reveals How Prepared Countries Are For Climate Change

The almost two-decade Notre Dame project indexes various factors to assess risk and readiness

Cities november 12, 2014

Bike Wheels Carved from Ice to Navigate Glacial Terrains

British maker creates a new form of extreme sports for creative types


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