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Work november 11, 2014

Lamps Designed to Leverage Atmospheric Elements

Designer Arturo Erbsman creates handmade lighting objects that incorporate natural elements like snow, ice, condensation, and more

Technology october 14, 2014

Scenes from the 2014 Civic Hardware Hackathon for Disaster Preparedness

Technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators come together to address community challenges after natural disasters

Innovation october 13, 2014

Invisible Umbrella Keeps Water Away with Air

The Air Umbrella shields from the rain with a temporary, air-circulating roof

Design & Architecture october 9, 2014

Geometric Umbrella Reimagines Traditional Structure’s Design

The Sa is an innovative weather-resistant product that revamps the form and aesthetics, with improved efficiency and recyclability

Work october 8, 2014

Tornado Drones Serve to Collect Storm Data

Lightweight and low-risk unmanned aircraft could be the solution to a better understanding of how twisters work

Luxury september 22, 2014

Affordable Tornado Shield for Portable Storm Protection

Husband and wife duo develops safeguard against flying debris

Design & Architecture august 28, 2014

Waterproof Paper Company for Rainy Writing Conditions

'Rite in the Rain' products were designed with the wet Pacific Northwest weather in mind

Cities august 5, 2014

Art Festival Utilizes Rain-Activated Ads from Seattle Precipitation

Bumbleshoot event messages are invisible on a dry day, but become bold block letters when hit with rain

Innovation july 31, 2014

Color-Changing Billboards Correspond with Weather to Influence Emotions

Samsung’s Color Therapy is a multi-sensory experience that will be launched in six cities worldwide

Technology july 11, 2014

U.S. Physicist Proposes Giant Walls To Protect Tornado Alley From Harmful Twisters

How the Great Wall of China might just be the model for U.S. tornado protection.

Sustainability july 9, 2014

Smart Umbrella Tracks Air Quality While Keeping You Dry

LED lights react in real-time to raise awareness about local air conditions

IoT june 30, 2014

Ambient Lights Bring Local Weather Inside

Patch of Sky is an internet-connected system that let people experience the atmosphere of the outside world while staying indoors.

Technology june 30, 2014

Keychain Provides Personal Weather Forecast For Your Exact Location

Thermodo is a real-time temperature sensor for both iOS and Android.

Mobile june 13, 2014

Environment Tracker Turns Your Phone Into A Personal Weather Station

CliMate collects humidity, UV Index, and temperature data 24/7.


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