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Work april 18, 2013

Dan Gilmor: What Is CISPA?

Cyber-security is a real problem, but Congress' latest bill tries to solve it by attacking the freedom of the internet.

Technology march 25, 2013

Do These 5 Men Rule The Internet?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, Louis Pouzin and Marc Andreessen win Queen Elizabeth prize for engineering the foundations of today's web.

Design & Architecture january 4, 2013

The Evolution Of The Web Experience

How the change in web design has allowed for more seamless, socially optimized interaction -- as published on iQ by Intel.

Technology may 14, 2012

Mobile Video Viewing Is Disrupting Web 2.0 [Headlines]

Mobile video viewing grows 52% in 2012 while online video viewing declines 10%, signaling a shift to Web 3.0.

october 24, 2011

Google+ Nears Brand Pages Launch [Headlines]

Google has announced plans to make brand pages available on its new social network.

Design & Architecture october 24, 2011

More Data Transmitted Over The Internet In 2010 Than All Years Combined [Headlines]

The amount of information consumed and shared has grown exponentially in the last year.

Retail september 10, 2011

Need To Know: 10 Must Read Posts Of The Week Vol. 7

At the end of each week, PSFK curates the last seven days’ top content to give you a digest of everything that is trending both on and offline right now.

Arts & Culture september 10, 2011

4chan Spins Off A More Mainstream Image Board

Canvas is a new user-friendly image board site created with the intention of widening the internet meme community.

Work july 8, 2011

LiveAndTell: The Social Network That Preserves Languages

Embedding endangered languages in the fabric of the social web may provide a means to save them from extinction

Advertising june 2, 2011

Do Personality And Cloud Data Make Good Bedfellows?

Will getting a better deal for data exchanged for online services feed our desire for a personal brand?

Advertising april 22, 2011

Managing The Link Economy To Survive The Content Platform Predators

Martin Nisenholtz of the New York times outlines the rationale behind the NY Times Paywall strategy.

Cities january 25, 2011

NYC Fills Chief Digital Officer Position

Entrepreneur and adjunct professor of social media, Rachel Sterne, will fill the role of Chief Digital Officer for New York City.

Luxury november 11, 2010

Design Thinking Overhauls Exhausted Online Travel Experience

Wanderfly aims to bring the recommendation engine experience to online travel transactions.

Innovation september 16, 2009

Social Networking In the Black

Facebook Co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on September 15th that the world's largest social network became "cash-flow positive" in the second quarter, ahead of schedule. Previously, Facebook had said it was targeting profitability "sometime in 2010."


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