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Sustainability may 8, 2014

Real-Time Visualizer Shows How Daily Spending Directly Affects Climate Change

Web app works with to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Technology april 29, 2014

Netflix Roulette Chooses Videos For You

The web app helps indecisive viewers figure out what movies or TV shows to watch.

Technology january 10, 2014

Cooking App Enables Chefs To Follow YouTube Recipes Without The Mess

A touch-free recipe player for anyone who enjoys time in the kitchen.

Technology july 2, 2013

DIY Reaction GIFs Made With A Webcam

Web developer Horia Dragomir has created a new app called 'Face to GIF' that enables users to create looped videos using their webcam.

Work february 15, 2013

Beatboxing Cartoons Lets Users Create Their Own Tracks

Incredibox allows user to make a rapping choir by pinning logos that represent sounds onto animated hipsters.

Innovation september 13, 2012

Wi-Fi Care System Helps Look After Your Plants

Koubachi's waterproof monitor pokes into the soil and uploads data to the company, which then send you notifications about exactly when and how to care for your plants.

Technology june 28, 2012

Build Virtual LEGO Creations With Google Chrome

New web app lets users create models with virtual Lego bricks and place them on a ‘plot of land’ in Australia or New Zealand.

Technology march 12, 2012

Buy Your Friends A Cold Beer On Twitter

New web app uses Chirpify to sync your Twitter and PayPal accounts and let you send $5 for a drink.

Arts & Culture january 31, 2012

New App Gives You Feedback From Bad Dates About What Went Wrong

'WotWentWrong' lets people choose preset or customized excuses and critiques to provide constructive feedback.

Travel january 17, 2012

Lonely Planet Facebook App Concept Connects Travelers To Locals In Their Social Network

A proposed tool replaces the travel guide by mapping out a global list of friends in various cities across the globe.

Design & Architecture january 12, 2012

Interactive Whiskey Tasting Game Takes Users On A Flavor Tour Of Scotland

Zeus Jones has developed 'Proof,' a tasting app that provides samples from Scotland's whiskey-making regions and creates a social experience to share with friends.

Mobile november 2, 2011

New App Lets You Start A Private Group Chat On Twitter

With !blether, users can start a conversation with followers and non-followers by adding "!b" to the start of their tweets.

Retail july 6, 2011

Not Sure What App To Buy? Ribblet Will Tell You

A new service crowdsources app reviews and comments to help users decide what to download.

Home august 24, 2010

BBC Dimensions: Bringing A Human Scale To History

A simple mapping tool takes historic events, objects and physical locations and maps them over familiar areas, tying these foreign things to the known physical space of the user.


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