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Technology september 20, 2016

Stella Artois Has Created A Music Video You Can Taste

An interactive website lets you alter the flavor of beer based on what you are hearing

Design & Architecture june 7, 2016

Instantly Turn A Tumblr Page Into A VR Art Gallery

This simple web tool converts a blog into an immersive VR space

Advertising february 3, 2016

Squarespace Taps Key and Peele for Undaunted Super Bowl Coverage

A Super Bowl 50 ad that's not quite an ad offers a lesson for the indecisive

Work november 9, 2015

Your Web Presence Made Ready for Branding, Business and Beauty

Squarespace Cover Pages and Squarespace Commerce empower individuals and businesses with an affordable web presence and commerce tools for driving sales

Design & Architecture december 3, 2014

Website Offers Font Inspiration, Resource helps designers, bloggers pick beautiful font combinations

Work december 2, 2014

Mobilizer Service Streamlines Multi-Device Web Design

Mobilizer Device Lab is an online service that shows how your website will appear on different devices

Advertising october 21, 2014

Squarespace, Free Climber Take Brand Ad to New Heights

Squarespace and Alex Honnold collaborate to launch the former's redesigned web templates

Work may 28, 2014

Sound-Only Website Navigated With Voice Commands

Croacia Audio built a website that starts talking to you as soon as you load it.

Design & Architecture december 16, 2013

i-D Magazine Unveils New Internet Identity

The magazine's new branding brings online aesthetics offline.

Travel august 2, 2013

What Travel Website Of The Future Will Look Like [Video]

International digital design agency Fi has assessed what happens before you go from A to B, and how that process can be improved.

Mobile may 15, 2013

Wave Forecast Tells Surfers Where To Catch The Best Swells

Pascal van der Haar designed the 'Google Swell' concept as a website that provides a simple and functional forecast for surfers.

Advertising may 3, 2013

The Design Evolution Of Today's Most Popular Websites [Pics]

A then-and-now look at iconic internet destinations.

Gaming & Play january 20, 2013

Creative Sandbox: Mobile Experiment Demos Future Of Web Interaction

Design agency Deepblue lets users make holiday jingles on the web from their smartphones.

Syndicated january 4, 2013

The Evolution Of The Web Experience

How the change in web design has allowed for more seamless, socially optimized interaction -- as published on iQ by Intel.


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