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Technology november 21, 2016

This Website Uses Data Mining To Predict Your Future

To promote the upcoming game Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft created a platform to show what your profile looks like to large companies looking to market to you

Arts & Culture july 5, 2016

A Website Can Help You Find A Snappy Comeback For Any Argument

At a loss for words? This website is designed to help you find the right thing to say

[Stat] In October mobile website views surpassed desktop views for the first time ever
[Stat] 30% of website visits for publishers come from Facebook
42% of internet users only use websites or apps that they’ve used before (Ofcom)
Work december 9, 2015

Design Thinking Plays a Critical Role In Contributing to a Better Society

How design thinking impacts the social behavior of Internet users, leveraging emotion to create awareness for charitable and educational causes like Univision’s Key To Success

Work december 9, 2014

This Service Will Instantly Design Your Company Logo for $50

Tailor Brands is an affordable service that will auto-generate customized branding for your company

Arts & Culture november 25, 2014

Beautifully Illustrated Web Page for Making Better Coffee

For Better Coffee is an illustrated web platform that wants to teach users the rules of making better coffee

Advertising october 16, 2014

Ebola Website Fights Fear with Awareness

'Ebola Near Me' will use your location to educate you about the latest updates on the deadly infection

Mobile october 15, 2014

Project Overlays Ambient Music with Police Radio, Aerial Imagery for Urban Voyeurism

The site offers a new way to experience cities by layering its images, sounds and voices

Work october 9, 2014

Productive People, Reach Your Goal or Pay Up

An entrepreneur's new site invites procrastinators to pay ransom for their bad habits

Technology october 7, 2014

Welcome to Squarespace 7

Squarespace founder Anthony Casalena unveils the totally redesigned web publishing and e-commerce platform


MyFarm.Com Is A Farmville That Actually Grows Food On a Real Farm
Fashion E-commerce Brings Independent Boutiques Under One Roof
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