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Technology may 3, 2013

The Design Evolution Of Today's Most Popular Websites [Pics]

A then-and-now look at iconic internet destinations.

Mobile march 22, 2013

Chrome Turns Any Webpage Into A Playable Pinball Game

'World Wide Maze' is a 3D marble maze controlled by your mobile phone’s accelerometer.

Work november 26, 2012

Graphic Icons Simplify Privacy Policies For Web Users

Mozilla and are experimenting with creating an iconography for websites that makes it easy to understand what online surfers are agreeing to when they browse.

Technology october 10, 2012

Turn Any Website Into A Chatroom With This Extension

Husky Chat is a Chrome application for sites that features a drop-down message box that lets you chat with others who are on the site at the same time.

Retail september 24, 2012

13 Stories You Need To Know

The cast of West Wing performing in political ads, whether beer exposed to an atomic bomb is drinkable, and a Broadway show by Poise on menopause...Links to start your day with.

Arts & Culture august 15, 2012

What Are The 17 Most Popular Websites In The World [Headlines]

The most popular websites include some familiar names like Youtube, Twitter and other social media sites, as well as Asian-based ones like Baidu and Sina.

Design & Architecture june 27, 2012

Art Student Recreates Popular Websites As Dresses [Pics]

18-year-old Victor Faretina's designs are inspired by sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, eBay, Wordpress, and Tumblr.

Work february 22, 2012

Bitly Uses Math Meant For Smart Weapons In Their Algorithm [Headlines]

Popular URL shortening website is trying to understand how internet behaviors are formed using old military technology.

Mobile january 30, 2012

Google Is The World's Most Global-Friendly Site [Headlines]

The planet's largest search engine has the best reputation world-wide.


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