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Food january 29, 2016

Chocolate—Straight From the Tap

A gizmo that pours an endless stream of chocolate at parties or weddings

Retail january 19, 2016

Are Group Weddings the Next Trend in Tying the Knot?

A pop-up, secret-location alternative to the standard ceremony

Technology june 15, 2015

Say "I Do" to Google Weddings

The Internet behemoth is happy to help you organize your big day

Home march 30, 2015

Get Married on the Fly with Towable Chapels

Tiny Chapel Weddings deliver pop-up style wedding venue

Cities june 27, 2014

Uber Celebrates Pride Week With Weddings On Demand

The San Francisco-based car booking company is helping folks get married in a day.

Design & Architecture december 10, 2013

Temporary Monogrammed Linens Disappear With The Wash

This clever way of putting monograms on linen is ephemeral but distinctive.

Work august 29, 2013

Shared Albums Let Facebook Users Create Collaborative Scrapbooks

Get photos from parties and weddings in one place using the social network's latest innovation.

Innovation april 25, 2013

Biodegradable Confetti Grows Into Flowers After It Is Thrown

Confetti no longer has to be viewed as simply party mess.

Advertising april 8, 2013

Plan A Wedding On An iPhone

Now brides and grooms can keep saving their wedding ideas when on the go.

Technology march 28, 2012

The Average Cost Of A U.S. Wedding Tops $27K, In NYC, It's $65K+ [Headlines]

People making a lifelong commitment to each other are spending more and more money on the special day.

october 26, 2011

All Dressed in Black, The New Wedding Color [Headlines]

Vera Wang, who designed the wedding dresses of countless famous brides, sent a flock of black wedding dresses down the runway.

Retail september 28, 2011

Share The Cost Of Presents With SocialGift

Invite friends or family to contribute towards a bigger and better gift for a special occasion.

Retail july 1, 2011

BHLDN Gives Bridal Retail A Serious Makeover

The next lifestyle concept from Urban Outfitters redefines our traditional notions of wedding attire.

Design & Architecture march 26, 2010

(Pics) Newsprint Wedding Photos

In our modern world, where digital photos don't seem to worth very much, newsprint provides an enduring alternative for photo display.


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