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Technology october 20, 2016

Wearable Tech Expert: Designing Technology To Empower A Greater Connection To Ourselves

Billie Whitehouse, Founder of Wearable Experiments, shares her new vision for the quantified self

Innovation july 1, 2015

Feel Rugby's Greatest Moments Through Emotional Connection Jersey

No longer just a spectator sport, fans of The Dutch Ladies 7’s will feel the exhaustion and adrenaline of playing professional rugby without ever taking the field

Cities april 25, 2014

GPS-Enabled Blazer Directs Its Wearer Through Gentle Vibration [Video]

Wearable Experiments' Navigate jacket is now programmed for the city to let people enjoy a map-free existence.

Arts & Culture march 13, 2014

Vibrating Jersey Lets Fans Feel What Players Do On the Field [Video]

The Alert Shirt transmits real-time tackles to a technology-outfitted jersey to simulate player sensations.


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