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Innovation january 11, 2016

Breath Sensor Helps Shift Conversation From Weight Loss to Fat Loss

A CES 2016 reveal, this breathalyzer will tell you if your workout is actually working or not

Work december 14, 2015

Your Next Diet Coach Is Always At Arm's Reach

Personalized advice and motivation, along with logging of activity levels and food disciplines, are keys in achievable weight loss

Design & Architecture september 4, 2013

Fitness App Encourages Non-Athletes To Move For Half An Hour

A simplified app that focuses on taking action and not interpreting data.

Design & Architecture july 29, 2013

Half-Sized Dinner Plates Keep Dieters On Track [Pics]

An easy way to lose weight that doesn't involve constant calorie counting.

Arts & Culture june 25, 2013

Weight Loss App Encourages Dieting By Placing Bets On Success

Being healthy just got a lot more interesting with users of DietBet being able to win jackpots of up to $150,000.

Work january 25, 2013

Gym Only Accepts Members Who Are 50+ Pounds Overweight

Downsize Fitness is modeled after 'The Biggest Loser' and eliminates the self-conscious, alienating atmosphere found in some gyms.

Sustainability january 8, 2013

Weight-Loss Fork Helps Users Slim Down

The HAPIfork sends vibrations and flares indicator lights when you're eating too quickly, to enhance digestion and reduce weight.

Home january 7, 2013

Could This At-Home Stomach Pump Cure Obesity?

Aspiration Therapy places a tube from the patient's stomach to the surface of their skin that lets them manually drain out the food they've eaten.

Technology november 29, 2012

Robot Weight Loss Coach Helps Reach Fitness Goals

Autom helps people keep track of their health efforts and gives personalized advice on how to reach targets based on their input.

Innovation august 15, 2012

App Gives Users Discounts And Rewards For Making Healthy Choices

'Good-for-you' foods have generally had a higher price tag than junk food, a fact that has helped create an obesity epidemic in America. But with Zipongo, shoppers can purchase healthy foods at a lower cost.

Innovation august 9, 2012

Spritzing This Perfume Will Help Wearers Lose Weight

A new perfume uses endorphins to induce feelings of contentment and decrease the need to snack.

Advertising january 5, 2012

Weight Watchers Creates Virtual Support Network To Promote Healthy Living

The new campaign stars 180 real members to celebrate the positive side of losing weight.

Work january 4, 2012

'The Biggest Loser' Weight Loss Resorts Let You Get Fit With The Pros

The popular US TV show has branched out with a pair of branded health centres to further engage their viewers.

Advertising july 13, 2011

Liebenzeller Bad Proves That Water Makes You Skinny

Liebenzeller Bad water uses a humorous optical illusion on their bottles to encourage people that by drinking water they will lose weight.


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