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Work october 17, 2016

Zocdoc Wants To Create An 'Unsick Day' For All

The health service is promoting a paid off-day for employees to schedule routine doctor check-ups

Syndicated march 14, 2013

Glad Is: 9 Tips To Be A More Thoughtful Leader

Frank Striefler of agency DW+H shares key ideas for how to be an effective boss.

Technology may 10, 2012

Kit Kat App Reduces Social Media Stress With Automated Status Updates

The chocolate brand wants users to take a break from using online networks.

Innovation april 7, 2012

How Family And Friends Converge Online To Support Individual Health Goals

Examples of web health platforms that open up the goals of one person to the support of their network to help improve the chances of successful completion.

Partner Content january 26, 2012

New App Gamifies Personal Growth To Boost Physical And Mental Health

Mindbloom lets users grow a virtual life tree based on improving their own strength and overall wellness.

Work january 25, 2012

Creatives Work Longer, Experience More Job Happiness [Headlines]

Study finds that despite more hours certain professionals report higher levels of subjective well-being.

Retail november 3, 2011

Yves Behar Designed Smart Bangle Tracks Every Moment Of Your Health [Pics]

UP by Jawbone, released this morning, is the highly anticipated wristband that learns your daily habits to help you live better.

Design & Architecture september 14, 2011

How Dangerous Are Household Cleaning Products? [Infographic]

Just how safe is your home? It could be lurking with dangerous toxic chemicals found in cleaning products that are harmful to your health and the environment.

Cities july 28, 2011

Crowdsourcing An Answer For The Well-Being Of America's Children

The National Movement for America's Children delves into crowdsourcing to gather ideas on how to ensure equal opportunities for healthy growth and development for children.

Cities march 25, 2011

Why Some Cities Make You Happier

Richard Florida interprets the Well-Being Index and infers that happiness could be based on where you live.

Luxury march 23, 2011

Mobile Technology Is Causing A Personal Energy Crisis

The new non-stop work environment facilitated by mobile devices has created a human energy deficit that we're desperately trying and failing to make up for.

Design & Architecture february 2, 2011

"Feeling" Prosthetic Limb Offers Sensation To Amputees

Scientists have developed prosthetic limbs that allow users to feel once again.

Innovation december 22, 2010

The Benefits Of Napping At Work

Sleep expert William Anthony argues that sleeping on the job may actually improve productivity.

Work november 29, 2010

The UK Happiness Index

The British government plans to move beyond GDP to measure its country's growth.


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