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Health november 25, 2016

Creating Cannabis Consistency Could Be The Path To Health And Happiness

Understanding the precise branding and marketing mission of a health and wellness brand delivering bliss and calm through cannabis-based solutions

Technology november 14, 2016

How Data Is Improving Athletic Peformance

Kinduct is an app, currently being used by the L.A. Dodgers, that provides coaches, trainers and doctors with information on a player's physical well-being

[News] A new slow-release pill could make malaria treatment much easier
[News] Hospital platform makes prescribing apps easy
[News] Organization Helps Cancer Patients By Offering Them Shelter
Retail november 3, 2016

Williams-Sonoma Launches A Line Of DIY Healthy Meal Kits

As part of a partnership with Sun Basket, new customers will be offered a package of cooking tools and a meal subscription offer

Op-Ed november 2, 2016

Digital Strategist: Life In The Time Of Everyday Cyborgs

Russ Rickey of experience design agency Critical Mass explores the future and ethics of granting augmented abilities to the injured and disabled

Health october 31, 2016

Startup Creates Meal Plans Based On Your Exact Body Type

Habit is a new company that creates dietary schedules based on what nutrients a person is lacking or is overindulging in

Food october 27, 2016

Startup Believes Traceability Will Help Disrupt The Multivitamin Industry

Ritual is a daily supplement for women that traces every ingredient back to its source

Travel october 25, 2016

Bus Stop Transformed Into A Fitness Station For Commuters

Sports drink company Lucozade live-streamed an athletic trainer working out at a stop in Manchester to encourage travelers to get moving

Fitness & Sport october 25, 2016

The Keys For Exceptional Performance On And Off The Field

PSFK Labs' new report highlights five important insights for businesses to perform better than the competition

Social Media october 25, 2016

Instagram Tool Prevents People From Harming Themselves

A new anonymous reporting option on the social media platform hopes to provide better emotional support for users

Op-Ed october 24, 2016

Fitness Advocate: Paving The Future of Workouts With Audio

Ethan Agarwal, CEO of Skyfit, shares how he's democratizing access to boutique fitness classes through an app

Health october 24, 2016

Health Platform Gives Perspective On Your Weekly Habits

Gyroscope is a new wellness app that works by amalgamating data about your life into beautifully designed visuals


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