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Social Media august 15, 2016

Chat With President Obama Through A White House Bot

The Facebook Messenger AI will let you send direct messages and 'speak' with the Commander-In-Chief

Work march 21, 2016

Tattly Brings the Ink to the White House Easter Celebration

The temporary tattoo company will celebrate national forests at the country's biggest Easter party

[Inspiration] Hillary Clinton leverages Snapchat attack against opponent
Technology january 19, 2016

You Can Now Get Exclusive Snaps From The White House

The Obama administration reaches a younger audience through Snapchat

Innovation september 22, 2014

White House, Celebrities Collaborate on Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign

The 'It’s On Us' campaign raises awareness to help prevent sexual violence on college campuses

Home july 25, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Staples leads electronic recycling retailers, 3D printed car competition and White House photographer on Instagram.

Mobile april 23, 2013

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter does drive sales, Tumblr launches mobile ads and Facebook gets a slightly newer logo...links to start your day with.

Retail march 5, 2013

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

A toddler is cured of HIV, Phone unlocking should not be forbidden and the future of Facebook...links to start your day with.

Technology march 1, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Goupon CEO fired, LinkedIn performs better than other networks and iTunes U reaches download milestone...links to start your day with.

Design & Architecture january 31, 2013

The White House Reveals Redesigned E-Medical Record System

The Nightingale app is more intuitive to use with minimalistic interface.

Work january 18, 2012

Codecademy Teams Up With The White House To Create Summer Jobs [Headlines]

Computer programming school joins forces with the government to create work and opportunities for low-income youth.

Home november 17, 2011

Obama Administration Reveals Plans To Improve Fuel Efficieny [Headlines]

The White House has proposed to improve cars' gasoline mileage to 54.5 mpg by 2025, a plan that is under Congressional scrutiny.

Luxury september 21, 2011

LinkedIn Hosts An Obama Town Hall [Headlines]

The president will take questions about job creation and the economy from LinkedIn members of any background.

Home august 17, 2011

Obama Checks In On Foursquare [Headlines]

President of the United States, Barack Obama was praised for his use of social media during his 2008 campaign, now the White House has joined Foursquare.


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