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Latin America november 18, 2016

Stream Netflix Or Hulu Using This Connected Coconut

The product's creators hope consumers will jump at the chance to bring a taste of the Caribbean into their home technology set-up

Technology may 6, 2016

Helpful Router Unlocks The Mysteries Of Internet Connectivity

This friendly router tells you what's up with your connection

[News] T-Mobile introduces a new device to bring WiFi access to cars
Technology april 29, 2016

Password-Free Wi-Fi Could Make Our Connected Homes More Secure

Small businesses, say bye to Wi-Fi leechers thanks to this wireless technology

Sustainability april 22, 2016

This Device Can Purify Water, Generate Electricity And Connect To The Internet

Watly is self-described as the biggest solar-powered computer in the world

Mobile february 16, 2015

Bring Death to Dead Wi-Fi Spaces with 60-Second Setup

A start-up brings a product to market that will get rid of those annoying corners where Wi-Fi can't seem to penetrate

Work december 8, 2014

NYPL Expands Wi-Fi Lending Program with Google Grant

New York Public Library and Google aim to bridge tech divide for low-income families

Work november 5, 2014

Meet AirGuard, Your Wi-Fi Smoker Tattletale

Simple plug-in device detects when tobacco or marijuana is smoked in a room, then lets one know via wi-fi alert

IoT october 27, 2014

Scattered New York Subway Musicians Perform Together In Real-Time

Collaborative music project 'Signal Strength' connected several musicians using wi-fi enabled devices

Mobile october 16, 2014

Pocket-Sized Box Offers You Portable WiFi Across All Devices

Karma grabs a 4G network to share with strangers and earn rewards

Travel august 20, 2014

London Testing Out Free WiFi on Select Bus Routes

'Transport for London' has launched a trial on two buses to keep passengers connected

Design & Architecture july 31, 2014

Artwork Incorporates iPhone Smudges, WiFi Routers, Internet Cache Portraits

Artist Evan Roth's work shows how high-tech materials can be used to create abstract art.

Syndicated june 27, 2014

Creators Project: Visualizing The Ghostly WiFi Waves That Surround Us

WiFi signal strength transformed into colors with an LED panel.

Gaming & Play june 23, 2014

WiFi Signals That Track People Through Walls Could Replace Wearables

MIT’s motion monitoring system that detects movement through walls could transform law enforcement, disaster relief, gaming and more.


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