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Sustainability may 24, 2016

Typographic Installation Raises Awareness About Endangered Species

Visitors to this installation could learn more about endangered species in a creative way

Syndicated october 5, 2015

Glow-In-Dark Livestock: A Measure to Cut Road Deaths

Initiative inspired by reflective reindeer antlers in Scandinavia is aimed at making animals more visible to drivers at night

Innovation december 9, 2014

Wildlife Crime Leak Site Helps Responsible Nature Lovers

WildLeaks borrows a page from the WikiLeaks model to encourage anonymous reports of illegal trade in endangered animals and plants

Home august 19, 2014

Decline in Ocean Wildlife Depicted Through Infographic GIFs

Population drops of 95% look a lot scarier in animated format

Home january 29, 2014

Roofless Bird Feeder Lets Homeowners Experience Wildlife Up Close

Ukrainian design studio Dorogaya created a feeder that looks like a branch and attaches to a window so people can see the birds eating.

Work december 2, 2013

Book Traces The Origins Of The World's Most Unimaginable Creatures

This modern bestiary takes its cues from Borges's Book of Imaginary Beings, but this time, the 27 creatures it describes are real.

Mobile october 21, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Arizona uses desert power as Dyson tries to make a silent hairdryer.

Work june 10, 2013

Lion Burgers Find Demand In America

Captive lions are being raised for meat in the USA. How far will industry go to meet changing consumer demand?

Innovation december 20, 2012

Rhino Horns Injected With Poison Prevent Poaching

This wildlife conservation project injects a permanent dye into rhino horns to deter and track poachers.

Sustainability november 9, 2012

US intelligence Teams Are Working To Take Down Wildlife Poachers

Conservationists say this is first time illegal animal trafficking has been discussed as a security issue rather than as an environmental threat.

Technology september 20, 2012

How A Smartphone Could Become An Endangered Animal Detector

To help track and protect the near extinct New Forest cicada, visitors will be able to download an app to scour the area for their call.

Arts & Culture august 2, 2012

Is It Time To Act Like Gods To Save Our Planet From Eco Disaster?

Neo-environmentalists believe that science and business will set the tone with the expectation that nature will adapt.

Mobile december 20, 2011

Kenyan Lions Now Send SMS Messages From Their Collars [Headlines]

Cell phone modems help lions send signals in order to determine their whereabouts.

Technology october 19, 2010

UN Adopts Wiki-Power To Document Wildlife Conservation

ProtectedPlanet aims to increase visits to and awareness of protected areas of the planet.


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