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[Stat] Germany on track to meet 100% of energy needs from renewable sources by 2050
Wind And Solar Power Generator Reduces From 80% To 100% The Energy Bill
Innovation november 18, 2013

Wind-Responsive Tent Shields Campers From The Elements [Pics]

The Windroos tent is a prototype that turns with each gust to protect users from bad weather.

Technology february 16, 2012

Sony Futuristic Smart Outlets Will Make You Login To Get Power [Video]

Concept video shows how plugs with authentication and wireless charging could enable a more efficient use of power.

Sustainability december 13, 2011

31 Million Virtual Farmers Tend To The In-Game Devastation Caused By Climate Change [Future Of Gaming]

Destination Reality: Farmville would drop a dose of climate reality on the 31 million people who log on daily to play the famous Zynga game.

Work august 16, 2011

Solar Power More Popular With Office Buildings Than The Average American Home [Headlines]

A study shows that Americans aren't so keen on outfitting their homes with solar panels that could be used to produce carbon dioxide-free electricity.

Cities june 6, 2011

A Green Utopia? Panasonic’s ‘Smart Town’ Targets 70% CO2 Cut

Panasonic has unveiled plans of developing a 19-hectare 'smart town' near Tokyo with an estimated 70% less CO2 output than the CO2 levels of Japan in the 1990s.

Arts & Culture march 9, 2011

Vintage Knitting Machine Creates Weather Data Sculptures

Windy weather powers a knitting factory to provide scarves to suit the weather.

Home december 6, 2010

Wind Cubes: A Modular Power Plant For The Home

A remarkable concept by industrial designers Liao-Hsun and Wen-Chih, the cubes offer a modular turbine system that can generate renewable energy on a small scale.

Design & Architecture september 17, 2010

Sporting Sails: Wind-Powered Skateboarding

A kite-like sail adds a new dimension to the sport.

Technology august 19, 2010

(Video) Going Off The Grid, One Device At A Time

A unique solar powered hack extends Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Work april 29, 2010

Wind Powered Knitting Machine

An experimental sculpture tracks urban wind through knitting.

Design & Architecture april 7, 2010

Microbelt: An Extremely Efficient Palm Sized Wind Turbine

A tiny wind turbine is 10 times more effective in generating wind energy than other turbines its size.

Arts & Culture february 11, 2010

Aeolus: A Singing Acoustic Wind Pavilion

Luke Jerram, a multi-disciplinary artist combines acoustics, wind and architecture in his harmonious design of Aeolus.


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